Non-US View-Master Orders on eBay


First off, let me apologize that eBay makes non-US buyers go to such efforts just to place an order with reasonable shipping costs.  Unfortunately, this is the simplest workaround I’ve found.
I promise you’ll save money if you follow these simple steps!

NOTE: This only works for Buy It Now, Best Offer and Fixed Price listings!
I can not combine shipping costs for international winners of auction style listings!

Check these links to see all of the View-Masters I currently have for sale on my various eBay accounts.  I’ll be happy to combine orders across accounts if they are placed via the steps on this page-

If you have only 2 or 3 items you would like to purchase it may be easier to send me the eBay item numbers or complete listing titles along with your shipping address via either eBay messages or the form below.
Any order larger than that, please follow these steps-

Short Version:

  1. Make a collection consisting of only my items that you are interested in.
  2. Send me a link to that collection along with your shipping address (eBay message, email or form below).
  3. I’ll respond as quickly as possible and make a special eBay listing just for you.

Detailed Version:

  1. From the first listing you want to purchase or make an offer on click “Add to collection” (below the “Make Offer” button) instead of “Buy It Now“, “Add To Cart“, or “Make Offer“.
  2. Give your collection a title. I recommend just using Aahz followed by today’s date.
  3. As you find more listings you wish to purchase just click “Add to collection” (instead of “Buy It Now“, “Add To Cart“, or “Make Offer“) choosing the new collection you created in Step 1
  4. When you’re done shopping, select “My Collections” from the drop-down menu below “My eBay” (top right of screen).
  5. Open the new collection and click the “Share” button (top right) selecting the “envelope” for email and send it along with your shipping address to OR
  6. Right-Click on the name of the new collection and select “Copy Link Location” or “Copy Link Address“. Then paste that address into the contact form below and add your shipping address.
  7. I’ll respond as quickly as possible and make a special eBay listing just for you.

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