Dec 092008

While exploring my video host, Revver, I came across this great video of Albert Einstein. Well, actually, it’s a static image of Einstein with a number of his more poignant and useful quotes embedded within it.

It’s exceedingly well done, and highly inspirational. To me, at least. I hope y’all find some pleasure in it as well-

I’ve also placed this video at the bottom of my Anarchy Quotes page for easy future access.

Nov 252008

I’ve finally come to accept that one can’t run a blog without sharing videos at least on occasion.  That’s just the way the web (and society in general) has gone.  Not only are there just cool videos to share, but many online marketers are releasing product information exclusively in video format and advertisers are now seeking bloggers to produce videos for them .  For example, the post before this on.  This is, in fact, what has lead me to my current dilemma. You see I prefer to host my videos on Revver because they actually share advertising revenue with content providers.  Unlike Google’s YouTube video service.

However, when an advertiser commissions a video they typically want it published now, which is possible with YouTube (that last video took about 60 seconds to upload and less than two minutes to go live on the site).   With Revver, I need to wait for a manual approval process, then wait for them to run the video through their ad-matching software, and only then can I actually share it with y’all.  I’ve had videos take days upon days to get approved through Revver.

So I’m at a bit of a crossroads.  As I create more video content having multiple video hosts becomes more and more of a hassle.  I’d really appreciate insight from any of my fellow bloggers or webmasters out there.  Which video sharing sites do you use and why?