Feb 042008

Reuters’ Oddly Enough headline RSS is probably one of the most subscribed to feeds on the web. So getting your website plugged in one of their articles can generate thousands, if not tens of thousands, of visitors to your site. Well, today I clicked over to check out the latest world oddities only to find a (rather weak) article on “The dumbest ever quiz answers” and, being unimpressed overall, clicked over to their source site to see if there were any better offerings. Unfortunately, the webmaster at www.jumpingjacksbar.com allowed the domain to expire just a few days ago. Ouch!

Whoever they are just lost a huge amount of traffic, and its accompanying revenue. All over a $15 domain registration fee. So, consider this a warning to all webmaster’s out there. You never know exactly when your site’s going to receive a massive traffic influx, so be sure to keep the domain registration up to date.