Nov 122007

I joined DonkeyMails on July 16th because evryone in the PTR community seemed to be absolutely in love with them and their PTP program. I then spent a couple of bucks over the next few moths promoting their PTP pages in an attempt to actually earn a little cash. What a huge mistake!

Not only did it take me more than three months to earn enough PTP credits to convert them into actual money, but in that same amount of time I still wasn’t close to the $1.00 minimum payout as a result of clicking through their PTR ads and my referral earnings from six referrals. I had 2 level 1 refs, and 1 each on the following four levels. Yet, I still earned only around 2% of my personal earnings via referrals. If my refs had all generated the same revenue I had that number should have been 20%!

When I finally was able to convert my PTP “earnings” (in quotes because I actually spent more then I earned) and was finally able to request payout it took more than 2 weeks to actually receive the payout. This despite their front page assertion of “Payouts will be made weekly!”, their slogan of “automatic no minimum payouts”, and their TOS assuring that “Payments will be made within 10 days or a reasonable time after.”

DonkeyMails may be the biggest PTR in business today, but they’re far from the best. For those keeping score at home, here are the PTR programs I still use and recommend (in order of my recommendation):

  1. Fishing4Mails
  2. TesasTeaMails
  3. Myster-E-Mail
  4. NocturnalEmail
  5. ValePTR
  6. Twisted-Clickers
Nov 102007

Thanks to a little link love I found my way to the NatBooty blog today. She’s got a pretty solid blog developing on Get Paid To programs, though she’s apparently had some technical problems of late. But it’s her GPT Calendar that I want to share with you. This is the kind of innovation I was looking for while running the GPT/PTR/PTC Carnival, but I just couldn’t find it on a regular basis.

Essentially, she’s leveraged the power of Google Calendars to not only track the upcoming promotions and specials at various GPT programs, but she’s sharing that calendar with anyone interested in the information. A couple of quick clicks allows you to look at the current day, week, month, next four days, or as a listing of all upcoming events. As of today she has a dozen different promotions listed at a half dozen different GPT companies. But this girls obviously got gumption, so I expect this to become a standard stop for the bulk of the GPT world in the near future.

Nov 072007

Although at first blush October was a stellar month, on closer examination it becomes clear that I seriously slacked off through much of the month.

Unlike most bloggers who give monthly earnings reports I’m not going to share what I “earned”, but only payments that I actually received this month. You can see my full PayPal proof of payment by clicking here. I do this because internet companies are notoriously prone to failure, and “get paid” sites are all the more so.

October Revenue – $742.84

September Revenue$460.49

As you can see, once you remove the $511.50 I won in the McGrath blog contest, I only actually received $231.34 in October. Might help explain why I’m so broke right now. More than half of that came from PayPerPost as a result of 24 posts I did for them in September (they pay after 30 days). As a point of contrast I’ve already earned (though won’t receive until December) $170.79 from PPP in the first six days of November.

Oct 122007

This will probably be my last Paid To Read program review for some time. My PTR list is pretty much full up with Fishing4Mails, Myster-E-Mail, Twisted-Clickers, Nocturnal Email, Polar Bear Clicks, ValePTR, and, of course, Tesa’s Tea Mails. All of these (except Fishing4Mails, which has an exceptional 50% referral earnings) post Paid To Click ads in the runner above their paid ads. As I’ve stated before, these PTC ads are the key to my success in PTR programs.

Tesa’s offers both the best parts of the “old” Paid To Read world and the innovations that keep the PTR industry alive today-

  • More than 200 emails daily!!
  • Low payout ($2 for free members – $0.50 Minimum monthly payout for PayPal)
  • Four referral levels @ 5%, 3%, 1% and 1%
  • Sales Commission – 5% (of what your referrals pay for advertising)
  • No Turing numbers
  • AOL and International members welcome
  • Points are Opt-in only
  • Search is Opt-in only
  • Referral Contest
  • Monthly click contests (see below)

In addition to all of this, Tesa’s is one of the longest lived PTR programs in existence, operating since 2004. They’re also Diamond Certified 2+years at with almost zero complaints anywhere I was able to find. You can feel more confident that you’ll be paid by Tesa’s then just about any other GPT program available today. No one has this kind of track record!

Their greatest innovation, IMO, is the way they reward the winners of the monthly click contests. instead of just giving out a set amount of money for each place they use a sliding scale based on the number of clicks each person achieved-

  1. Top Clicker gets $0.10 CPM for their month’s clicks
  2. 2nd place gets $0.09 CPM for their month’s clicks
  3. 3nd place gets $0.08 CPM for their month’s clicks
  4. 4th place gets $0.07 CPM for their month’s clicks
  5. 5th place gets $0.06 CPM for their month’s clicks
  6. 6th place gets $0.05 CPM for their month’s clicks
  7. 7th place gets $0.04 CPM for their month’s clicks
  8. 8th place gets $0.03 CPM for their month’s clicks
  9. 9th place gets $0.02 CPM for their month’s clicks
  10. 10th place gets $0.01 CPM for their month’s clicks

That means that the more you click, the more you get rewarded. And there are plenty of clicks available. If the October contest were to end today (with only 1/3 of the month completed) 1st place would earn a $0.30 bonus and 10th place would earn $0.02. That, of course, is a bonus above and beyond all of the earnings they’d have for the clicks themselves.

Oct 112007

I’m slowly starting to pick up some regular readers (thanx everyone!) and realize that Philaahzophy can come off as a bit unfocused. People may be interested in my thoughts on earning online, but not on the personal posts about Z. Or they may be interested in the anarchistic theory, but not care at all about PTR programs or my Yuwie successes. Of course, while reading the blog directly the tags and Category menu should solve these problems for most, but that still leaves those who read via RSS stuck with many posts they may have no interest in. Hence the latest upgrade to Philaahzophy…

I now have Category Specific RSS feeds for the following categories: Aahz (personal posts), Disc Golf, Anarchy (political posts), Earning Online, Personal Finance, and Webmastering. Each category feed will carry all of the subcategories as well. So Aahz will contain all Fatherhood and Disc Golf posts, and Anarchy will contain Case Studies, Living Free, etc.

All of the feeds will be available on the new Category Feeds page as well.