Sep 152008

While I’ve written about effectively using real world mailing lists a few times here at Philaahzophy I’ve never shared any details about using your email mailing list effectively. Primarily, this is because I simply don’t know any “secrets” about doing so.  However, Tellman’s The ListBuilding Club asked me to share my thoughts about how their services can help you start a successful online business.  They even offered a free account so I could poke around the program and get a good solid idea of how list building could help my business.  Sounded pretty good, so I headed on over.

Unfortunately, upon entering the account info they provided I was told that “Your account has been disabled. Contact site webmaster for details.”  Hrm… it was presumably the webmaster who provided me with that acount.  Oh well, never one to be deterred I headed over to their website, provided my name and email address, and clicked the “Click Here For Free Instant Access!!” button. Then two things happened-

  1. I was taken to yet another spammish looking page asking for my credit card information in order to “Get A GOLD Level Membership for FREE … As part of a very limited marketing test,” and
  2. I received an email with a link to my “first video sneak peek.”

Well, I wasn’t interested in providing my credit card info before I learned more about the program and am still not sure why they needed it if the Gold Membership was going to be free.  So, I clicked over to the video.  It was an instructional video on “Buying Your First Domain.”  Considering I purchased my first domain more than 10 years ago, and have purchased nearly a thousand since then, not very useful for me.  And what, exactly does this have to do with using my mailing list to make money online?

Still seeking some actual information I tried the various navigation buttons above the video –  Videos, Audios, Articles, Resources, and Help.  All led directly to a login box which (again) claimed my account had been disabled.  So, despite being promised “A ‘Quickstart’ program that puts your idea online in 24 hours”, all I have at this point is one more online marketer taking advantage of having my confirmed email addres, a video explaining how to do something I was able to do a decade ago (and I’ve explained in detail how to do here on this blog, and a request for my credit card info in order to allow entry in to the free membership area.

It should be clear at thi spoint why I know so little about effectively using a mailing list for online marketing.  Every time I try to get some information about it I keep running in to brick walls.  If you’re a member of The List Building Club, please drop a comment ot let me know how it’s working out for you!

Sep 032008

Join Associated Content

Despite my early excitement about earning opportunities at Associated Content, I hadn’t actually submitted anything to them since February until a a slight variant of my recent RideMax review.  That article was rejected because “[c]ontent submitted as Non-Exclusive must be published on AC before it is published elsewhere.”  I’m not sure when that rule went into effect, but it certainly wasn’t there in February.  My guess is that it is a result of the more stringent anti-plagiarism efforts created in the wake of the fiasco that occured last December.

While this doesn’t prevent the “double dipping” I proposed for monetizing blog posts last November it does make it somewhat more difficult.  Now, instead of simply submitting any post that you feel AC would be interested in, such posts must be submitted to AC prior to being published on your blog.  This isn’t a huge stumbling block, but can be a pain in the ass considering AC takes up to two weeks to approve/reject and finally publish submissions.

So, whenever I write an entertainment review I originally write it up for Associated Content.  Once it’s been accepted there I publish it on one of my blogs and then, finally, submit it to (when appropriate) as they still have no requirement that reviews be unpublished.  Of course, a wise blogger always changes things up a bit when publishing the same info at multiple sites.  Not only does each site have a different audience, but no one wants to be tagged by the Big G for hosting duplicate content either.

Jul 092008

SocialSpark, the latest paid to blog service from Izea, still has some pretty serious bugs to work out. After writing more than 40 posts for them in the first six weeks they were open I’ve been away from the site for over a month. Upon returning today I found little has changed. While this would normally be a good thing, SocialSpark is still in Beta and hasn’t worked out the vast majority of the flaws that I, and many other bloggers, pointed out in the first few weeks.

Here’s some images to show the latest slap in the face Izea and SocialSpark are delivering to aspiring bloggers-

The first screenshot shows the main page bloggers see once they’re logged in to SocialSpark. I circled the “opportunity Spotlight” which is a $12.oo paid post for the new Dirt Devil AccuCharge cordless vacuum. The second screenshot shows what happens when a blogger clicks over to the opportunity. Here they learn that the opportunity is “closed”. In other words, they’re spotlighting an earning opportunity that is no longer valid. Seriously, how difficult would it be to have the randomizer that determines the “Opportunity Spotlight” check to make sure the opportunity was still open?

May 162008

No, I don’t mean I have nothing to sell, or that none of the items I’m offering are attracting bids. I’m talking about people that are selling (essentially) nothing – as in empty bags for crimminy’s sake! Take a look at some of the latest sales-

  • Empty Happy Meal Bag (pictured) – $113.50
  • Empty Fritos Bag – $560.00!!
  • Empty Olive Garden Bread-Stick Take Out Bag – $600.11

The Olive Garden bag was apparently the one that started this whole fiasco, but now is your chance to take advantage of it before it ends!

What’s that? You’ve never sold anything on eBay before? You’d have no idea how to even start? Well, then one of my sponsors is the perfect answer for your woes: iSold It

Here’s your step by step directions-

  1. Acquire an empty bag (food items seem to have the most popular bags)
  2. Visit your local iSold It location to drop off bag
  3. Wait for the check to arrive

Could it be any simpler?

And no, folx, this post is NOT a joke, funny though it may be (and I certainly hope it is). Those bags really did sell for those prices and iSold It really is a great company.
Sponsored by iSold It!

Apr 292008

I keep trying to explain to Z that if she wants to live free in today’s society she needs only one thing: money.  Sad but true.  She keeps insisting in return that she’s too young to earn her own money.  Enter Aaron Kindley, the genius behind  Consumers simply submit their photographs to the site along with a $7 fee, Aaron uses Photoshop to touch them up then returns the pictures with the people in it looking oh so much better.

What, you may be asking, does this have to do with my 12 year old daughter being “unable” to earn her money.  Well, Aaron Kindley is only 11 years old.  From Toronto On Tech

He and his dad were watching weight loss ads on TV and they decided everyone wants to be better looking. They realized more and more people were putting their pictures on the internet and looking for new friends, old friends and romance. A lot of these people seemed to be choosing pictures that had problems.

Why don’t they just take another picture? Aaron didn’t understand it. They decided that people often have a picture of themselves that they like for some reasons and not for others. What if we had a service to fix a few small problems
with the pictures?

A few months later, was born. People liked it right away. They could get their picture fixed in one day or in three days and it didn’t cost much. At just $7, why bother shooting a new photo? Just fix the one you almost like and post it.

Just goes to show that, when it comes to freedom, where there’s a will there is always a way…