Nov 272007

My favorite site for discounted city tours, Trusted Tours and Attractions is having a special contest through Friday December 14th – sign up for their newsletter and you could win four tour passes to any of their Trusted Tours cities! With more than a score of travel destinations available, including Key West, FL, San Diego, CA and Savannah, GA, winning this prize could lead to some tough decisions.

I’ve been working out the details of our Christmas road trip, but I know we’ll be heading south, so San Diego is a most definite possibility. With this contest, that possibility just got quite a bit stronger. Of course, the really hard part will be deciding which specific tour to choose! They offer 18 different tours in the greater San Diego area, including the USS Midway and the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum (my father flew A6 Intruder’s off the Midway during the Vietnam war) and LegoLand in Carlsbad, CA (which has two roller coaster’s I’ve yet to mark off my list of California coasters). But I think the ones that would excite Z the most would be either the San Diego Haunted Ghost Tour or the San Diego SEALs Harbor Tour.

The 90 minute Haunted Ghost Tour covers the most famous ghost spots in San Diego including the Horton Grand Hotel, Villa Montezuma, and El Campo Santo Cemetery. Z and I are both Halloween and paranormal fans, so this could well be a great hit. of course, we could probably map that tour out ourselves, so we’ll probably end up with the SEALs Harbor Tour which uses amphibious Hydra Terra “buses” to tour the San Diego Harbor area by both land and sea!

Nov 232007

AAMCO, the transmission repair place, has teamed up with the makers of Live Free Or Die Hard to sponsor a contest with a great grand prize:

Round trip airfare and return Airport Transfers In Los Angeles. Three Nights At The 4* Renaissance Hollywood Hotel For Two People Including Breakfast. ‘Die Hard’ Goody Bag. A Day With The Stunt Coordinator From Die Hard 4.0 For One Person. Return Transfers To Location For Stunt Day. Comprehensive Worldwide Travel Insurance For Two People.

All you need to do to enter is request a couple of great coupons from AAMCO. You’ll have your choice of either a $29.95 transmission fluid change or $25 off any service over $100. As someone who’s got a 20 year old truck I spend a lot of time looking for car care coupons, and must say while these deals aren’t astounding, they are excellent, and the trip to Hollywood to spend a day with a stuntman would simply rock. Not to mention that 4 days at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel is pretty amazing in itself. Not only is it an amazing four star hotel, but it’s literally in the heart of Hollywood. The Hollywood Walk of Fame runs by right outside the hotel, and both the Kodak Theatre and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre are both just up the street.

Nov 192007

Well, my review contest ended Saturday at midnight. Unfortunately, I received far more listings on contest sites then I did actual reviews. I’m not really sure what it takes to get people to review a blog these days, but apparently the chance at a $25 or $50 prize simply wasn’t it. Or maybe all the good writers were stuck in alcohol rehab for the last month (cause writers are stereotyped as alcoholics, get it?). I suppose I shouldn’t say “all” as I did receive one excellent review from London at who I’m proud to be sending the $25 prize for best review. I only wish I could give her the $50 random win prize as well. Alas, the fates were not with her there as my roommate drew lucky number 4 which had been randomly assigned to Thankfully this was a decent attempt at a review as well (I would have hated to send the larger prize to someone who barely filled 100 words that read more like buzz then review).

Congratulations to the winners! I will be contacting you shortly to confirm your PayPal or mailing addresses.

I doubt I’ll be having more contests here at Philaahzophy as the results for this one were rather pitiful. I suppose I shouldn’t be that surprised as I’ve read several similar reports of poor results around the blogoshpere. Ah well, live and learn…

Nov 072007

Although at first blush October was a stellar month, on closer examination it becomes clear that I seriously slacked off through much of the month.

Unlike most bloggers who give monthly earnings reports I’m not going to share what I “earned”, but only payments that I actually received this month. You can see my full PayPal proof of payment by clicking here. I do this because internet companies are notoriously prone to failure, and “get paid” sites are all the more so.

October Revenue – $742.84

September Revenue$460.49

As you can see, once you remove the $511.50 I won in the McGrath blog contest, I only actually received $231.34 in October. Might help explain why I’m so broke right now. More than half of that came from PayPerPost as a result of 24 posts I did for them in September (they pay after 30 days). As a point of contrast I’ve already earned (though won’t receive until December) $170.79 from PPP in the first six days of November.

Nov 062007

About the only feedback I’ve received thus far from my Review Philaahzophy Contest is that I need an About Me page and Philaahzophy is not very focused. Alas, I already knew both of these things. The former has been remedied with my new About Me / Usage Guide page, and the latter will not be remedied any time soon (if ever).

Philaahzophy is essentially a series of open letters to my daughter, Z. I missed out on the first 9 years of her life and am only a part time parent at current, so don’t always have time to share the life lessons and philosophies that a parent should be passing on to their child. Hence, Philaahzophy. Regular readers of everything I write here will understand me far better than pretty much anyone who knows me in real life. It is here that I write whatever I don’t get the chance to speak elsewhere (and much of what I do).

But I certainly don’t expect y’all to read everything I write here. People have their own interests and won’t necessarily share the majority of mine. That’s why I use categories, tags and RSS feeds by category. While I’m not trying to be “everything to everyone” here at Philaahzophy I’m also not going to avoid writing a post because it’s not “on topic”.

It all comes down to the title of this post: It’s My Blog And ‘ll Post What I Want To. If that gets me readers, great! If it loses me readers, I’m not concerned. If my PageRank increases, that’s wonderful, I’ll make more from sponsored posts. If my PageRank decreases I’ll make a little less, but keep on posting. Everyone’s welcome here at Philaahzophy, but in the end, this blog exists for me and Z.