May 152008

As I mentioned yesterday there is currently a Dockers contest running to make a new commercial. The winner will have their video played on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Well, I’ve finally come up with the perfect concept for my video and now I’m just looking for my leading man. What I need is someone who is young, hip and likes wearing Dockers. Shouldn’t be too hard… Should it?

I put out a casting call in my local area (my very local area) and three hopefuls answered the ad, including a celebrity that I’m sure you all know and love. Let’s see how they did…

May 142008

No, I didn’t use the wrong preposition in that title. I’m not gonna share some close call that I narrowly avoided, rather I want to follow the tack of “If Only These Pants Could Talk”.
I intentionally packed light for my recent cross country trip for two reasons: 1) I didn’t want to have to check any baggage, and 2) I wanted to leave room for the souvenirs we were sure to acquire over the few days we were in Myrtle Beach. With the expected humidty in the South I knew shorts would be the order of the day, so I only brought the single pair of pants I was wearing to ward off the relative San Francisco chill. These served me fine on the first cross country flight and even while wandering Myrtle Beach looking for food at midnight. The next morning they were left behind to guard the motel room against overzealous maids while we braved the heat and humidity. Essentially, they were on vacation as well, crumpled up in a corner of the floor while my shorts grappled with the task of keeping me both cool and decent.

Come Saturday morning, however, it was time for my pants to go back to work. Since checkout time was at 10:00, but our flight wasn’t until 4:00 we still had some adventuring and exploring to do before boarding our return flight. It didn’t take much walking in the morning heat to realize that my beloved pants simply weren’t prepared to the task at hand. Of course, our bags weren’t with us at this point leaving me no option but to endure, right? If you answered affirmatively then you obviously don’t know me very well. Instead, I went shopping. In a beach town shirts are always on sale, so it wasn’t too difficult to find some Dockers shorts to replace my full length pants. Ah, but that’s when the adventure aspect really comes into play.

You see, I couldn’t just wear the shorts out of the store because I needed to pay for them first. And the few public bathrooms in the area all have big signs reading “No Changing Clothes In This Bathroom” due to their proximity to the beach. Always mindful of private property rights I found myself with nowhere to change. Being in unfamiliar territory and with the area dominated by open air beachfront I found myself in a bit of a pickle. At first I considered one of the Port-a-Pottys, but the stench in the first few I entered was just as unbearable to my pants as it was to me. I then ducked behind a few fences and over a wall or two, piling on the grime as I went, but all to no avail. Finally I just decided that my boxers were as good as shorts and changed right on the beach, acting casual the entire time. Of course, I had absolutely no desire to carry my pants aruond for the rest of the day and yet no where to leave them either so they ended up being abandoned in South Carolina.

On second thought, forget “talking” pants, I wish that pair could write. They were still in great shape despite the dirt they’d acquired during their adventures not just on that day but in the 18 months or so I owned them. So, pants, if you’re out there reading this, drop me a line and let me know about your continuing adventures. Since that’s unlikely to happen, how about sharing the adventures of your pants? Better still why not make a video about it and enter the Dockers contest. Selected entries will be shown on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

May 132008

And now Skeet’s gone and proven her right (with a little help from a construction guy named Quinten). Aahz Wins! That’s Quinten over there in the picture holding up MY name which he selected at random to make me the monthly prize winner in Skeet’s Tuesday Teaser contest.

If you’re not familiar with Skeet you should definitely check out her blogs. Every Tuesday she posts a Tuesday teaser which is a close-up photo of some random object.

I managed to determine that the item pictured below was a car door handle. Did it in record time, too 🙂 As a result of that I won my way into the monthly drawing for a $10 gift card. that’s where my new favorite Hawaiian, Quinten comes in. He drew the slip with my name instead of the four others. One woman had her name on THREE slips, but I still managed to squeek by. Go me! 😀

This week’s Tuesday Teaser is a real stumper though 🙁

Apr 242008

Blogger_embedAll right. Y’all know I’m not much of a video gamer. I do, however, love me some drivin’ games. A friend recently showed me some preview stuff about SBK ’08: Superbike World Championships and I seriously want, no, need this game. Of course, to play the game I also have to have a console to play it on. Luckily Maxxed Energy Pops is sponsoring a “You Make My Energy Pop” contest and giving away three Xbox360 Elites (oh and 14 video iPods, a $100 Game Stop gift card, a $250 Game Stop gift card, home theater 5.1 channel system with DVD, a 42’’ HDTV 1080p LCD TV, and about 1,200 Maxxed Energy Pops)! I am so there! In fact, I’m so there I added their little widget not only to the bottom of this post, but over there in my sidebar on the right as well.

But I can’t win this contest alone! I need your help! Luckily it won’t cost you anything either. All you’ve got to do is make my energy pop by clicking on my Maxxed widget (either one will do). Not only will clicking the widget help me win, but it will also allow you to enter to win their “Keep Going Sweepstakes” so you get your very own shot at some of the prizes listed above. You didn’t think I was going to ask something for nothing, did you?

Besides, not only will my winning the contest ensure I get many hours of SBK ’08 excitement here at home, buit all the Maxxed Enrgy Pops I win will help to prevent the flagging energy that keeps me from blogging some days. With all those energy pops at my disposal you should never see another day without me yammering on about something here at Philaahzophy.

Apr 172008

Living in a 3.5 male householed (one guy’s only here three days a week) air fresheners are an important part of any shopping trip. We’ve tried pretty much everything to keep the house smelling fresh and Renuzit TriScents are on the top of our list. But we never expected they’d be as effective as they’re promising to be now. Because Renuzit TriScents is running a $20,000 Tranform Your Home contest! Considering the entire annual household income of my apartment is only barely above that point it would make a huge impact on our lives at home.
musty living room
Our living room is currently furnished with discarded furniture from other homes. The couches all have that musty “ancient tomb” smell and the lack of lighting is what led us to name the apartment “The Caverns”. With this prize we could not only get new comfortable furniture and a wide-screen tv, but by ridding ourselves of the musty carpet and decades old furniture the whole house would smell better as well.

Would you like to get $20,000 from Renuzit TriScents to makeover your home with the help of Tanya Memme (host of A&E’s Sell This House)? Just follow these simple steps-

  1. Upload video or a photo and essay
  2. Explain and demonstrate why your home needs a makeover
  3. Explain how Renuzit TriScents can help you.
  4. Be sure to follow the official rules

That’s really all there is to it! Public voting on who should win the $20,000 makeover will begin on May 8th.