Sep 162007

It’s 10:35 on Sunday night. This is the time that I’m typically blogging about my adventures with Z over the weekend. Alas, there were no adventures this weekend. Luckily, I got some bonus time with her mid-week, but nothing makes up for missing our Saturday morning breakfast ritual.

I was scheduled to have her both Saturday and Sunday, but she got sick on Thursday afternoon. When she’s sick she only wants to be with her mother. I know this is my fault as I wasn’t able to be there for 9 years of sicknesses large and small, but it still pains me every single time it occurs. We had some good times scheduled as well – tennis, our first full round of disc golf, and yet another trip to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (now, why can’t I get a paid to blog opportunity from them?). Some of the plans can carry over to next week, but not all as on Sunday I’ll be running a HorrorClix tournament at the local anime shop.

The weekend wasn’t totally wasted, I suppose. I did a fair amount of cleaning in preparation for my new roommate’s 30-day evaluation meeting. It’ll be the first time I meet his primary case worker, so the caverns need to look good. I also got quite a bit of blogging done (as I’m sure y’all noticed). But nothing can fill the time that’s supposed to be Z’s. I think I’m addicted to my daughter.