Nov 242008

With gas prices reaching three-year lows and all of Rover’s major operations taken care of (transmission, heater core, electrical system, etc), as well as the lowered costs of getting sr22 insurance quotes without your vehicle, I’ve got a little extra cash to invest in the optional repairs Rover could use. For example, when I bought Rover (he’s our beloved 1989 Ford Bronco in case you’re new here) the price was a little higher than necessary because he came with factory installed air conditioning, there was no need to call the A/C repair company. Of course, more than 20 years later and the air conditioning compressor has gone the way of the dodo.  So, I went shopping for a Ford ac compressor online and was my first stop.  It’s a great site with a wonderful selection that’s easy to navigate, though the prices weren’t so hot.  Still, it’s nice to know there’s one place that will always have the parts Rover needs in stock.