Nov 242008

With gas prices reaching three-year lows and all of Rover’s major operations taken care of (transmission, heater core, electrical system, etc), as well as the lowered costs of getting sr22 insurance quotes without your vehicle, I’ve got a little extra cash to invest in the optional repairs Rover could use. For example, when I bought Rover (he’s our beloved 1989 Ford Bronco in case you’re new here) the price was a little higher than necessary because he came with factory installed air conditioning, there was no need to call the A/C repair company. Of course, more than 20 years later and the air conditioning compressor has gone the way of the dodo.  So, I went shopping for a Ford ac compressor online and was my first stop.  It’s a great site with a wonderful selection that’s easy to navigate, though the prices weren’t so hot.  Still, it’s nice to know there’s one place that will always have the parts Rover needs in stock.

Jan 142008

I’ve mentioned Associated Content before here at Philaahzophy, though I still need to do a full review on them. They’re a site that pays you to provide articles and I primarily use them as an additional source of revenue from my blog posts. In addition to re-publishing material they offer users the option of submitting exclusive content. I always assumed that exclusive content would receive a larger upfront payment, but never had anything I was willing to write for them without publishing here as well.

A couple weeks back Z and I had breakfast at Stubby’s Sports Bar in Gilroy and I wrote up a little review. The review wasn’t great or anything and the primary reason I write Philaahzophy is for Z (who was there, of course), so I went ahead and submitted it to Associate Content for their exclusive use. A few days later I received my upfront payment offer: $3.65. Considering all of my non-exclusive content has received offers of $3.35-$5.00 this wasn’t worth giving it to them exclusively, so I went ahead and rejected the offer, posted it here, and resubmitted as non-exclusive. I just received their new offer: $3.46.

Neither offer is particularly bad nor particularly great, but I gladly accepted the second one. So now I’m both $3.46 wealthier and a little wiser. Surelya worthwhile experiment, but not something that requires repeating. At least not for something like a local restaurant review. Maybe if I’m writing about truck accessories for Rover or something else with a more universal appeal I’ll give it another try in the future.