Sep 202008
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Well, it seems Miley Cyrus’ Sweet 16 party at Disneyland has finally sold out.  As y’all know Z and I got our tickets back on September 3rd.  A family friend (who I’ll also be escorting) purchased her ticket later that same week.  I was pretty surprised tickets lasted as long as they did, and don’t even know for sure that they’re sold out.  However, all mention of the event has been scrubbed from both and the Disney sites, so I’m assuming it is.

Additionally, it was brought to my attnetion that I really didn’t share much information about the event itself.  instead, I simply linked to the official site.  Well, with it gone, I thought maybe I should share the details so y’all can get good and jealous-

The Party-

On Sunday, October 5, 2008, Disney will throw their most brightly shining star an unparalleled Sweet 16 party. The event will be held at Disneyland park (which will be closed to the general public) from 6:00pm to 11:00pm. But Miley’s not going to be wandering the Mouse House all alone. No, she’s inviting 5,000 of her biggest fans to join her for the fun which will include…

Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus themed Party Zones which will be packed with activities and entertainment tied in to both the television show and Miley’s music.

Miley’s Favorite Attractions will be open including the Nightmare Before Christmas themed Haunted mansion, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain.

Fireworks created by the Disney Imagineers specially for Miley’s Sweet 16 party will close the event, but not before the…

Music by Miley Cyrus (and some friends, no doubt)

And, the whole thing’s going to be videotaped for later broadcast on the Disney Channel, so all the attendees get to become television stars as well!

The Charity-

You don’t think any modern celebrity would be caught dead throwing themselves a lavish party without involving charity do you? Well, since the “Green” image Miley was trying to project in her Miley and Mandy Show YouTube videos has been utterly destroyed with her purchase of a gas-guzzler, Miley has turned back to “the children”. Her Sweet 16 birthday party will be ‘recognizing’ the kids from Work Service America who put so much effort into improving their communities. Presumably Work Service America will also be getting a cut of the proceeds, though I can’t actually find this information on the official site – and there’s nothing there about the tickets being tax-deductible either. Speaking of…

The Tickets-

Tickets to this exclusive gala bash were a mere $250 each! Now, you may think I’m being sarcastic with that “mere”, but I’m not – seriously. When on the Best of Both Worlds Tour, Miley was selling out 20,000 seat venues on pretty much a nightly basis. Although list price of the tickets was well below $250 they sold out in mere minutes and scalpers were receiving as much as $1,000 a seat (or more) pretty easily. Of course, parents started whining about “being ripped off”. So where, then, are all those parents now? This is a 5,000 ‘seat’ concert and you get to go to Disneyland as well, but tickets were still available more than a week after they went on sale. Both my tween daughter and I believe this to be a true once in a lifetime opportunity and agree that $250 is an absolute bargain.

Still, Disney hasn’t forgotten about those scalpers, so in order to make it more difficult for them the following terms are attached to every ticket-

Ticets may not be offered, sold or otherwise transferred for a commercial purpose and any tickkets sold or transferred are subject to seizure and immediate revocation without refund or compensation. Disneyland Resort reserves the right to refuse, revoke or limit admission in its sole discretion at any time without refund or compensation.

I know what you’re thinking – their multi-day passports say the same thing and people regularly sell those on eBay. This new system, however, goes even farther. No tickets will be mailed. All 5,000 of them must be picked up at Will Call the evening of the event and the original purchaser must not only be present at the Will Call window, but they must have both a state-issued ID and the original credit card that they used to purchase the tickets. Even with all these protections there’s still a limit of four tickets per purchaser.

Check back the second week of October as I’ll surely have more to say about the event after the fact!

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Sep 052008
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I believe I’ve shared with y’all in the past my impression that Z doesn’t know how to get genuinely excited.  I’d scheme and plot for months to come up with some “big idea” that I thought was gonna rock her world and she’d smile and say ‘cool’ when I told her about it.  A positive reaction to be sure, but not exactly the emphasis I had hoped for.  Well, last night I had her read my we’re going to Miley Cyrus’ birthday party post and filmed the reaction.  This is what I was hoping for all along-

That’s what I call a happy kid! Aside from the serious lovin’ I got once she was done reading, my favorite part is the way her reading slows as it sinks in to her brain that she’s actually going. My next favorite is the way she catches the “Oh My God” and turns it into “Oh My Gosh”. (She’s the only one that’s religious in our family).

While she was calling her friends and sharing her excitement one of them, H, an old family friend from before she was born, got pretty excited about the concept as well. It turns out her folx are almost as insane as I am (old friends will be like that), so it turns out that Z, H, and I will be three of 5,000 fans attending Miley’s Sweet 16 Party at Disneyland! Yep, I’m not only going to wade into a mob of tween girls while escorting my own munchkin but someone else’s as well. Should be a blast!

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Sep 042008
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As a father I’m always searching for that once in a lifetime experience that I can provide to Z.  This is compounded by my long absence from her life.  But what could it be: attending the finals of American Idol? Tried, failed; backstage passes to a rock concert – not as once in a lifetime as it seems; Opening day at a major amusement park?  Tried, semi-failed.  How about attending Miley Cyrus’ Sweet 16 Birthday Party at Disneyland?  We have a winner!!

On Sunday, October 5th Z and I will be two of only 5,000 fans attending Hannah Montana’s er… Miley Cyrus’ 16th birthday party at Disneyland!  All of the details can be found at the official Disney site and you can read Z’s take on it in her post: Miley Cyrus’ Disney Sweet 16 Party!!!

BTW, as I write this she doesn’t know yet that she’ll be going.  She’s only going to find out after clicking the link I dropped into her blog post 🙂

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