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The police are the front-line defense for the government – against us! The old motto “Protect and Serve” is just that – an old motto. It has absolutely zero meaning now (if it ever did) since the United States Supreme Court has ruled (repeatedly) that the police have no legal obligation to protect OR serve the community in which they work. We no longer have Peace Officers, but rather Law Enforcement Officers. Don’t see the difference? Well, just keep reading…

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Do You Feel Safer Now That Granny’s On Probation?

Posted on February 11, 2008 - Filed Under Police | 11 Comments

You may or may not remember my incredulous post back in July about the 70 year old woman who was attacked by the police for not watering her lawn. It was, after all, more than six months ago that Betty …

Duck Names New Chief Of Police

Posted on January 5, 2008 - Filed Under Police | 1 Comment

I came across this article while searching for information on North Carolina’s Outer Banks region and am passing it along (untouched) in hopes you’ll find it as humorous as I did-

The Town of Duck has named Lieutenant Phillip Ferguson

And You Thought U.S. Prisons Were Too Lenient

Posted on December 15, 2007 - Filed Under Police | 8 Comments

According to Reuters, things are even worse in Israel-

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – An Israeli judge has ordered the country’s prison authority to pay an inmate over $1,000 in compensation after he complained of having to share a cell with

Police Fail To Protect Snowman, Spend More Money On Incarceration

Posted on December 14, 2007 - Filed Under Police | 215 Comments

At least this time the cops provided us with a humorous story while wasting our money. From WWSB in Sarasota, Florida-

Man in cooler for deflating Frosty

Frosty got flattened, and a man wound up in the cooler. Authorities

Who’s Screwing Whom?

Posted on December 10, 2007 - Filed Under Living Free, Police | 2 Comments

Dual confession time:

  1. I have no idea if I used “whom” correctly in the title. It sounds better to me, but if you know the rules for “whom”, please comment and let me know for future reference.
  2. Despite understanding anarchy