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Many have called for it, so I’m finally getting around to it. This is where you can find background on both me personally and on the point of Philaahzophy as a blog. I’m also including a short ‘usage guide’ to help all of my visitors get the most out of the Philaahzophy experience.

About Aahz

Hello, my name is Aahz and I’m a blogoholic. 😆

I’m 38 as of this writing (born in August 1969) and father to a wonderful 11 year old daughter, Z. My entire life revolves around her. I work at home caring for my two developmentally disabled roommates which doesn’t earn me a lot of cash but keeps my schedule open for Z. It also allows me way too much time to ruminate, surf the web, and write blog posts.

Although my current interests are in constant flux three things remain constant priorities – helping Z grow into an adult I would want as a friend, and bringing about the end of government and the restoration of genuine freedom and liberty through nonviolent means, and earning enough cash to effectively achieve the first two.

About Philaahzophy

The blog’s name is more than just a clever play on words. It defines what the site is truly about. Although I’m fully aware that blogs are “supposed” to be niche writing areas these days, that doesn’t really concern me. Philaahzophy is, above all, a way for me to communicate and record daily happenings, life lessons, joys, and losses with my daughter Z.

In other words, if you expect consistency of topic here, forget about it. If you find Philaahzophy too erratic to follow on a regular basis then keep reading as the usage guide may be of benefit to you.

How To Use Philaahzophy

1) If you don’t like sponsored posts then you may as well leave right now. I make A LOT of sponsored posts here at Philaahzophy. That’s how I pay the bills. Although I do my best to find sponsors related to the other topics I cover and add in little bits of personal life and philosophy into these posts that isn’t always possible. But they’re paying the bills, which gains me and Z a little more freedom, so they aren’t going anywhere.

2) Use the tags and categories! I make extensive use of the category and tag features of WordPress and I recommend you do so as well. If you’re only interested in learning how I earn funds online, for example, then bookmark that tag or category page instead of the homepage. I won’t be offended, I swear.

3) If you prefer to read via RSS, but don’t want to be inundated with 4-12 of my posts per day then forgo the basic RSS feed in the sidebar and visit my Category RSS Feeds page and only subscribe to the area(s) of Philaahzophy that you’re interested in.

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  1. Just hoping to hear from you one of these days…..

  2. […] should be. It’s the American way. I think it’s Aahz’s way, too. Start with his About Me and Usage Guide page. You’ll get a sense of the man, the blog and the philosophy, and some suggestions for […]

  3. I hope you are well and thriving. Wishing you the very best.

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