Sep 032014

market-basket  I just visited my local Market Basket for the first time since the now infamous pissing match between the billionaire owners ended.  Can’t say I’m happy about it.

I don’t do a lot of grocery shopping since I don’t cook and mainly eat fast food.  But I do buy three things from Market Basket on a nearly weekly basis: cigarettes, beverages and snack foods.  While I’m amazed by the outpouring of support for Arthur T. Demoulas that the world was recently witness to and was excited to see so many people band together to stand up for what they believed was right, I continued to shop at Market Basket during the whole debacle.  Why?  Because I’m not interested in going to additional expense or trouble to support a billionaire spoiled brat.  But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about the punishment and deceit that I (and so many others) saw coming.

On Saturday, the Boston Herald ran a story titled: CEO not in Market to raise prices. Here are the first few paragraphs-

Market Basket CEO Arthur T. Demoulas has no plans to raise prices or cut pay or benefits to employees, a top executive said yesterday, as workers and vendors came up with creative ways to continue the frantic push to “right the ship” and restock shelves at the supermarket chain’s 71 locations.

“He is committed to keeping the pricing structure,” Market Basket Operations Manager David K. McLean told the Herald. “He would not be hurting the customers. He would not be hurting the (employees). The stakeholders come first. The first stakeholder is that customer. And the shareholders come last.”

The promise came as vendors jumped back to life after Demoulas struck the $1.5 billion deal Wednesday night to gain back control of the chain.


Unfortunately, those plans were apparently short-lived.

  • Market Basket branded 2-liter sodas were $0.69 before and all through the boycott.  Tonight they were $0.89.  That’s a 29% increase in prices.
  • Knock-off brand Hostess snacks (Swiss Rolls, Nutty Buddys, etc) were 2/$3 before and all through the boycott.  Tonight they were 3/$5 That’s a 11% increase in prices.
  • Camel cigarettes were $50.90 per carton before the boycott.  They weren’t available during the boycott.  Tonight they were $51.90.  That’s a pretty small price increase (only 2%, but it’s still an increase despite the beloved Arthur T having “no plans to raise prices”.

The other item I purchased tonight was 1.5 liter bottles of Mountain Dew.  The price on these remained the same at $0.99.  So, perhaps it’s only the “generic” items that had price increases.  But since Market Basket is a discount grocery store, I’m guessing such generic brands make up quite a large portion of the store’s business.

I have no intention of transferring my shopping to another store as a result of these increases (or the lies the media is repeating without question),  I just wanted the truth on record.


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