Oct 192013

I just returned from a three-day trip that was originally supposed to be a one day trip.  One result: my chinchillas were very hungry.

So, one of the first things I did upon returning home was to go feed them.  As usual, upon opening the top door to their cage Mario ran for cover (hiding near the bottom) and Luigi, who had approached the door upon hearing me enter the room, instinctively froze so as not to attract predators.  I gave Luigi a little pet, announced that dinner was served, and placed the food in the center of their “hidden” (read: safe) room and began to close the door.

As the door was swinging shut, Luigi started heading for the food and I realized I’d forgotten to check their water so reopened the door at which point Luigi stepped back away from the food and once again froze next to the opening.

How ridiculous is that?  He was clearly hungry, and clearly not afraid of me, but despite the presence of food he went back into “don’t let the predators see you moving mode”.

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  1. Kate: I totally get where you are cimnog from. We have debated keeping rabbits for a long time because we couldn’t see how to expand the movable pen option. Now though after having a friend run pastured poultry on our property, and building many pens ourselves, we are moving most of them to that.However .and this is were the wire bottom cages come in .some will occasionally stay in these cages. We thought that we might be able to get the most use of our time, land, rabbits, feed etc by rotating them. For say 3 or 4 months out of the year (not necessarily consecutively) they will be in the wire bottom pens. Part of the time they will be in solid bottom pens (yes a bit less hard to clean out but it works for us) and hopefully most of the time they will be in movable pens on our pastures and front/back yard doing their fertilizer thing and raising their young or hanging out with the guys in the case of the bucks. We don’t, and never have had, a problem with colony style raising. We recently had two litters, about 4 weeks apart, share the same next box. No problems for us and all the rabbits got to be on pasture (not that we have much grass right now!) I do also make my cages much larger than most and I have a very large solid bottom bedroom at the back (the cage is deep enough we needed two doors to reach all spots a front and a back door) and they also have a shelf they can jump up onto and walk/lay on. I think my cage is so tall I might be able to add a second shelf even.Again..I get where your cimnog from. We are trying to make the best compromise between raising an animal we can supply food for 100% (pastured poultry still requires that we buy feed..usually non organic) and being as humane as we can while raising them. I would never ever put my rabbit in a totally wire cage that is the standard 30 ish by 28ish by 18 inches tall.Another idea too if you have the space is a chicken coop with a surrounding pen that has buried wire. That was the first style of non caged rabbit I ever saw and the lady told me they had done it for years and it worked great.There are ways you just have to trial some of them and also kind of think outside the box.Thanks for letting me reply such a great comment 😀

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