Mar 302010

It’s been I don’t know how long since I wrote here and a few of you have contacted me to ask where I’ve been.  The short answer:  a good portion of my time has been spent seeking dinner ideas.

Most of my adult life I’ve eaten roughly 75% of my meals at restaurants (fast food or sit-down).  Another 20% has been pre-packaged, prepared food (deli sandwiches, chips, etc).  Well, back in September my job changed dramatically, forcing me to actually stay in my home 24/7.  Obviously this made it difficult to access my traditional food sources.  In February my job changed dramatically once again.  At that point I needed to find another place to live 3 days a week while still spending 4 days at my former apartment 24/7.  Since the only place I could afford has no kitchen, either, this continued to limit my food choices.

As a result, I now eat in my traditional manner while at “home”, but have been forced to learn to grocery shop and cook actual meals while at the work apartment.  Which, of course, led me to the internet in search of better dinner ideas.  Luckily, there are numerous websites dedicated to food, cooking and recipes.  I’ve found myself returning to the ‘Food’ section of iVillage more and more of late.

My diet has definitely become more varied over these last few months, and that’s been exciting.  However, much like the caveman of lore, I’ve dedicated a disproportionate amount of my time, energy and budget to such seemingly simple concepts as feeding myself and Zaira.  Luckily for all of my dedicated fan out there (‘s’ intentionally left off, BTW) I now have a nice little repertoire of dinner ideas and both Z and I are still quite a bit away from starving to death.  Thus, y’all can expect to see more words from me in the near future.

At least as long as the groceries hold out 😉

  3 Responses to “Where Have I Been? Seeking Dinner Ideas!”

  1. Well, nice to see you back on here posting. Eating at home is so much healthier for you anyways. Good luck with the new concoctions. 🙂

  2. Wow, you’ve gone through a big change. By the sound of it you’re taken it in stride. There are wonderful things to be said about home cooking. Hopefully you will continue to enjoy this new journey you find yourself taking. You’re right, the web is full of dinner ideas. I love the recipes at They have a great video feed called “dinner tonight” that shows you how to make really simple and delicious meals in a flash. Check them out and enjoy.

  3. I’m so lucky because I know how to cook. I don’t need to spend lots of money just to buy what I want to eat for that particular time. In addition, I work as a freelancer so I can spend time to do other things for myself like cooking for instance.

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