Sep 232009

Great Jump Sports - Milpitas

The biggest challenges thus far in home schooling Zaira have been P.E. and meeting other CAVA students.  In hopes of achieving both in one step we headed up to Milpitas yesterday for a few hours of dodgeball at Great Jump Sports, billed as “the ultimate trampoline party experience”.

Essentially, the entire building is occupied with two very large sections of trampoline (enough trampoline space for more than 100 simultaneous jumpers!) with one dedicated to “general jumping” and the other set aside for dodgeball games.  At this CAVA event about 20 kids and adults competed in about a dozen matches over a two hour period.

Zaira (who hates anything resembling physical activity, much less actual exercise) had more fun then she’s had in ages and worked up a huge sweat in the process as well.  So it seems we knocked the “physical education” half of our challenge out, but unfortunately, the other half remain s daunting.

There was a 14 year old from Santa Cruz there, but she wasn’t playing dodgeball and was there seeking other high school students.  There was also a 13 year old boy and a 12 year old girl, but with the intensely competitive dodgeball games Z didn’t get a chance to grab any numbers or email addresses.

Still, the outing was successful overall and I highly recommend Great Jump to anyone looking for a unique and interesting workout method.  Personally, I can’t wait until the promised dodge ball tournaments and/or leagues materialize.

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  1. Beautiful and informative article, I hope all of guys have knowledge of reading this article. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. dodge ball not really easy to play. you should wait for it:

  3. Trampolines are great for exercise, If you have enough backyard space at home to be able to get one, you’ll find your kids playing on it all the time.

  4. Slightly off the subject perhaps, but a plea for people to consider the ethics of purchasing cheap trampolines. Do try and consider, for example, the materials your item is made with, the conditions of the employees where they’re manufactured and the ethics of the retailer. Oh, and endeavour to recycle your trampoline rather than discarding. Thanks!!!!

  5. How big would a trampoline need to be in order to do this? I have a 10ft toddler trampoline, would this be suitable?

  6. Excellent blog

  7. Trampoline area should be 25 feet by about 15 feet. This is a very fun game. All you need is a trampoline, allot of toy balls,(rubber bouncy balls work the best, but a few beach balls also work)and about two to four players.

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