Jan 022009

In less than three weeks we’ll be bidding adieu to King George W. Bush. And I intend to wish him a fond farewell and honor his reign as our leader in style – with the t-shirt you see pictured at left.  That is, of course, assuming that we don’t have some sort of “National Emergency” in the next few weeks that would leave us in far too unstable a position to effect a change in leadership.
I mean, he’s ignored the U.S. Constitution for the last eight years, why should he be bothered to follow it just because Barack wants to take the mantle of power? Of course, then this wonderful shirt from Crazy Dog t-shirts would still be appropriate.

But inauguration day isn’t the only event that’s covered by Crazy Dog shirts.  They’ve got something for everyone including homages to the ’90s with an extensive line of shirts inspired by the Seinfeld television show; the ’80s with their Chuck Norris line and A-Team t’s; and the ’70s with the Smurfs and a selection of breakfast cereal mascots. They’ve even got a sale going on right now with $4 shipping to help ease your own personal economic crisis.

But nothing beats good ol’ King George. In the words of America’s most popular modern philosopher, Homer Simpson: “It’s funny because it’s true.”


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