Jan 022009

As usual, I’m a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to Google PageRank updates.  Apparently a major toolbar PR update occurred on New Year’s Eve.  It’s not too surprising that I’m slow to notice these things as Philaahzophy has been condemned to an eternal PR0 status due to my refusal to bow down to the Google Gods.

The good news is that the only websites I manage that dropped in PR were those dedicated to a now dead collectible miniature game, HorrorClix. Their dropping isn’t surprising as the pages that linked to them have all ceased to exist leaving them the sole sites of their kind on the internet. Of course, that also makes them the definitive sites in their niche, but Google doesn’t really care about relevance, they only care about backlinks and following their arbitrary rules.

The wacky part has to do with Zaira’s sites. Her personal blog, Butterfly Diaries, finally managed to score a PR after being around for two years and more than 100 posts. She’s got a shiny new PR of 1.  However, a new site she just started a month ago has a grand total of 6 posts, one backlink (from a PR2 blog carnival), fewer than two dozen unique visitors in its lifetime, and a shiny new PageRank of 3!  Say what?  The site doesn’t even rank in the top 20 for its primary keywords but Google has decided that it’s more trustworthy than the only site linking to it and equally as trustworthy a site as John Chow’s.  Well, at least my little girl has something to brag about 🙂

  4 Responses to “More Google Wackiness With PageRank Update”

  1. A lot a article is available on net about seo but not clear about how is ranked of site by google .

  2. I guess the truly relevant question is: why does anyone still care about PageRank (myself included)?

  3. YEAH! Go ME! See, this is proof that I’m more important, greater, and just plain better than anything else so HA! :p

    Zs last blog post..Google Page Rank Likes Me!

  4. And humble to boot!

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