Dec 282008

Yesterday was my fifth trip to the race track in the last year or so and my second without Zaira. She and I actually visited Golden Gate Fields a couple of weeks back, but I neglected to blog about it since it was another losing day for us both.  Yesterday, however was different in one very important way: I won!!!

You see, Golden Gate Fields sent me another Mystery Mutuel Voucher in the mail, worth up to $5,000 and only cashable yesterday. Just as it got us to the track two weeks back it did so again, although this time there was the added incentive of it being free calendar today.  And since I hadn’t purchased a 2009 calendar yet, this was pretty good motivation as well.

I arrived early (to insure I’d get the free calendar), cashed in my voucher (which turned out to be worth $2) and started betting on the East coast races via simulcast.  Although I managed to win $44.48 on a single $0.10 superfecta bet (picking the first four horses in exact order) those winnings and my original $100 stake were all but depleted by th etime the first local race at Golden Gate Fields occured.

In fact, I even gave my copy of the Daily Racing Form away to a group of about seven guys who were all trying to share a single copy as the last race I had bets on finished up.  It turns out I won $6 on that last race, which brought my current stake to $6.31 so I placed a $2 across the board bet (Win, Place, Show) on the long shot at Calder and planned on heading home.  Of course, the horse came in at 18 to 1 so I won just over $60!!  WooHoo!!  I placed a few more bets on the next race being run (at Faiorgrounds I think) and managed to win another $65, then lost $10 on the 2nd race at Golden Gate Fields and decided to go home a winner for once.

I walked back out to rover with $115 in my wallet and headed home, pleased to be a winner, but sad that Zaira couldn’t share the experience with me.  $15 may not be much of a win (especially when you consider parking, admission, gas, etc), but it was still a much more profitable trip then our visit to Gilroy Gardens’ Holiday Lights the night before.  We may be heading back to the track on Super Bowl Sunday as they have a tradition of giving away wide screen televisions on that day.  However I don’t think I’ll be investing in the Daily Racing Form anymore.  That $5 will be better spent putting it on the nose of the next frisky longshot 😉

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