Dec 172008

I was listening to the December 12th podcast of my favorite talk show, Free Talk Live, and they interviewed Arsenio Rodriguez, Secretary General of the Alliance for a New Humanity, about Deepak Chopra’s new website (not to be confused with which is a wedding site).  You can listen to the interview yourself through this MP3.

Here’s what Deepak Chopra had to say about the vow-

First, close your eyes and put your awareness in your heart. You can easily focus on someone you love, and feel that love building in your heart, when you feel full of love, ask your self honestly and seriously if you are willing to commit to a vow of nonviolence, in your speech, your thoughts and your actions.

A vow is a sacred commitment from which there is no going back.  It is like a child that is born, who cannot return to the womb.??By committing to the vow, you also agree to have at least two people in their  lives take the vow.

Are you seriously committed to bringing about a world of peace, harmony, laughter and love by taking this vow and getting two people to join you?

If you are ready, please click below to enter your email to be counted as a part of our first 100 million people.

This was a no-brainer for me.  I took a personal vow of nonviolence about 20 years ago after seeing how my violence was damaging not only the world in which I live, but my personal life as well.  The interview, though, is quite interesting with both Ian and Mark doing their best to convert the vow into support for the non-aggression principle and assuring themselves that they may still commit retaliatory violence when they feel it is necessary.

Personally, I’m still not completely comfortable with the idea of “defensive violence”, though I have been moving more in that direction over the past few years.  But Mr. Rodriguez was quick to assure them that violence in the protection of one’s self, one’s property or others was perfectly acceptable.  I did get the feeling that he was just trying to open the door to as many signers as possible, just as Mark has continually lowered the meaning of the Free State Project’s pledge in order to try and reach that numerical goal.

You see, the point of the I Take The Vow website is “to create a global movement, which would mobilize 100 million people to make the same commitment.”  In the few weeks the site has existed just over 5,600 people have signed on (I was number 5,606), so they definitely got off to a good start, but I’ll be shocked if they come anywhere near 100 million.  Deepak Chopra may mean well, but he’s way too ‘new agey’ for the vast majority of people I’ve met in my lifetime.  Still, I don’t think the vow’s a bad idea at all.  Anything to get people to thinking about just how much violence they commit and sanction on a daily basis is a step in the right direction.  So, swing by today and decide for yourself if you’re interested in making the world a better and more peaceful place.

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