Dec 102008
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Welcome to the eighth installment of my Wonderful WordPress Wednesday series.

I first started blogging about six years ago, discovered WordPress in 2006, fell in love with it in 2007, and started sharing that love with y’all (through this series) a few months ago.  However, I must confess, I hated the changes that WordPress 2.5 brought to the WordPress admin panel and flat out refused to update beyond 2.3.3

That all changed when I gave WordPress 2.7 Beta a try on a new blog.  Today Release Candidate Two (RC2) of 2.7 was released and I spent the day upgrading all of my blogs.  While this only took 15-45 minutes (based on which plugins were installed) handling so many blogs still took me many, many hours.  All well spent!  So what is it that’s got me falling in love with WordPress again?  Let me count the ways…

  1. Collapsible, click & drag boxes in the admin panel.  These allow me to set up my admin pages (particluarly the Dashboard and Add New/Edit pages) with only the features I want and in th elocations I want.
  2. Simple, internal upgrades.  Now when I get that annoying little “A new version of WordPress is available! Please update now.” at the top of my admin pages I can simply click on the link and the update is handled automatically!  Plugins are updated in the same way.
  3. Simple, internal way to add plugins!  The ability (or desire) to use an FTP program is no longer necessary to install the latest WordPress plugins.  Now when I find a nifty new plugin I want to try I can simply search for it from my admin panel’s Plugins page and click “Install”.  All of the background “tech” stuff is then taken care of automatically.  Why this hasn’t been implemented for themes as well is beyond me.

WordPress 2.7 isn’t without its problems, however.

For example, I have a grand total of zero interest in my “Akismet Stats” but since the folx at Automattic seem to think these are somehow vital I’m stuck with that link taking up space in my menu bar.  Of course, I can close the Dashboard box to return that space to me, but whenever I click over to my dashboard it just pops back up.  I could also move the Dashboard box further down the menu, but I frequently use the Dashboard link so this isn’t really an option either.

Okay, that’s a pretty minor quibble.  So how about the fact that all of my drafts are now included in the ‘Edit Posts’ page, in date order, like regular posts.  I use drafts to keep notes for future posts and most certainly do not need them cluttering up my previously clean Manage Posts page.  Still minor?  Hmmm…

How about all the plugins that have conflicts with 2.7?  What?  That list keeps getting shorter as the plugin makers update their work?  Hmmm…  I guess there aren’t that many problems after all.  No wonder I’m in love!

So, what’s keeping you from upgrading to WordPress 2.7?

Part of the Wonderful WordPress Wednesdays Series - Previous in series        Next in series

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