Dec 082008

I just love pointing out how the market occasionally manages to fight through all of the government regulations and bureaucrats to actually accomplish the things that people claim we need the government to do (though it consistently fails at doing so). The latest example to cross my inbox is, an online market for crafters and artisans to sell their goods directly to shoppers, which is planning on planting one million trees in 2009!

Why would an art marketplace be planting trees?  Because they care about the environment and, more importantly, they know that their customers care about the environment.  In other words, people are more likely to use their services than a competitors because Art Fire is more in line with the customer’s desires.

But Art Fire is about a lot more than planting trees!  They provide a global marketplace to artisans looking to sell their handmade crafts, jewelry, and art online – and all for free!  Sure, the free account has certain limits (4 photos and up to 10 items for sale), but for someone who is just beginning to sell their handiwork it’s a zero cost starting option.  Plus, you’ll be making the Earth a little greener at the same time!

  3 Responses to “How The Market Protects The Environment”

  1. Really Art Fire is a new method of marketing and also provide global marketplace to one who is searching a perfect place to sale his handmade crafts, jewelry, and many more items.

  2. Always nice to hear from others who have used the service! Thanx for stopping by.

  3. Artfire has gained a pretty big following over the past few years, but remains pretty much unknown outside the US. The main reason for this is the lack of international shipping. Some of the artwork available includes signed originals of prints in books and I’ve had to use friends in the states to have them shipped over to the UK.

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