Dec 062008

After the phenomenal success of my first Thanksgiving dinner last week I’ve decided to dive head-first into Christmas as well.  Following the precept of “If you’re going to do something, do it all the  way”, Zaira and I will be heading into a pine forest tomorrow and cutting down our own Christmas tree.  I pretty much despise plastic trees.  During my childhood we had real trees for the longest time and then my mother finally bought a fancy fake tree.  I’m not saying that, specifically, was the cause, but I know Christmas was never the same after that.  After all, there’s a reason they call live trees “real” Christmas trees.

So tomorrow we dive head first into another holiday and have yet another serious chance to do real damage to each other (falling trees, axes, saws, etc).  Hopefully we’ll come through it as unscathed as we did Thanksgiving.  This will be the first time Zaira cuts her own tree, our fiurst tree together, and the first Christmas  tree ever to reside in The Caverns.  Details will certainly appear sometime in the coming week.  Wish us luck!

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