Dec 042008

Devoted readers will no doubt recall that almost four weeks ago Zaira and I painted our fingernails.  Well, I decided not to clean mine off for a week or two because I wanted to compare how much damage was done to mine compared to how much was done to hers.  This would help give her a better idea of how often she needed to repaint her nails to keep the polish looking nice.

Anyway, after a couple of weeks I realized that I could turn this into an experiment by leaving the polish alone and seeing how long it took for a complete fingernail to grow.  Well, the polish is till there (as you can see in the picture above), but I have some early resultsand they’re not at all what I expected.

Apparently my nails grow at drastically different rates!  As you can see in the picture my middle finger nail and pinky nail are growing much faster than the others, followed by my ring and pointer fingers with the thumb trailing far behind.  Weird.  Sure it’s not a cure for cancer, but it’s still rather fascinating in my opinion.

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