Dec 042008

Feedback keeps poring in about the Sears post I wrote a few days ago.  But before I get into responding to all of that I want to assure all my readers that it’s not the store itself I have a problem with. Sears offers some really great products, pretty good service (most of the time) and some seriously high quality products at perfectly reasonable prices. They also really know how to throw a sale as evidenced by the Sears 3 Day Sale they’ve got going on right now.

Today, December 4th, through Saturday December 6th they’ve got some amazing holiday deals no matter who’s name you’re looking to cross off your gift list-

  • Mom – How ’bout a Craftsman 16-drawer tool storage combo on sale for $299.97?  That’s 50% off!
  • Dad – Kenmore vacuums are $50 off, bringing them down to $129.99!
  • The Whole Family – They’ve got a set of GE Christmas lights to brighten your holidays for only $7.99!
  • Your Favorite Blogger – See those flannel sheets up top?  Yeah, I’d love another set (or twenty) of those to keep me warm without running up my heating bill this month.  At only $19.99 you’re saving up to 75% which is very much  in the spirit of this blog.

And never forget that I’m a dedicated bargain hunter.  In other words I go where the deals are no matter what else is going on in that store.  So now you know where to find me this weekend… shopping at Sears!


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