Dec 042008

For reasons that are far too convoluted to try and explain here my ex decided that she couldn’t wait until the school break to head home for the holidays. The downsides are, of course, that Zaira now won’t get to see her maternal family this season and that I’m suddenly ‘evil’ for insisting that she remain in school when she’s struggling with her grades.

The upside, however, is that I get to feel like a “real” dad since she’ll be staying with me here in The Caverns for not only this weekend but all of next week while she’s attending classes as well.  So, I’ve gone even more domestic than before.  As if cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t domestic enough, right?

Now not only am I cooking and cleaning, but I’m also getting her off to school, helping her study, and making sure she has both time to herself and time with her friends.  We both finally have the opportunity to get a much better idea what things would be like if she lived with me full time.  Frankly, it scares the hell out of me at the same time that it excites me to no end 😀  Good or bad it can only serve to make our relationship that much more ‘real’.

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