Dec 012008

Apparently, Sears thinks the government isn’t sending enough of our money to the soldiers and they’re ready to do something about it with their Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry.  Make sure you read that title correctly.  Sears isn’t offering to send the soldiers more money.  No, they’re asking that you send more of your money to soldiers and their families in the form of Sears gift cards.  And they’re making it easy by setting up a web page (linked above) for just that purpose.

At first glance it may seem that Sears will be providing holiday gifts to needy military families.  But nothing on the site actually says this.  All it says is that donations are not tax deductible (which means they aren’t charitable donations of any kind under law) and that the funds will be used to purchase Sears gift cards to distribute to all “registered families”. It then provides a box into which you can enter the dollar amount you’re willing to give to Sears in order for it to be passed on to “registered families”.  I could not find anywhere to register to become one of these families, so have no idea what the criteria is, but there are even more problems with this Heroes At Home program.

There’s also a list of the Top 100 items that “military families told us they really need this holiday season”.  Number 13 is a Nintendo Wii, #16 – an ATV, #24 – Nintendo DS,  #31 – Giant Four Story Dollhouse, #42 – Sony PSP, #68 – Flat Screen TV,  #93 Video Camera, and #100 Automatic Pet Feeder.  Sorry, Sears, but no one (military or not) “really needs” a single one of those items.

Besides, as I always say when confronted with these “Support Our Troops” so-called charitable events: 1) they aren’t my troops, and 2) I’m already supporting them – my taxes are forcibly taken to pay their salaries.  If these families can’t afford to buy the stuff they want for the hoidays they should find themselves another job that pays what they think they deserve.

If Sears wants to supply selected military families with gift cards no one is stopping them, but I find it somewhat sickening that you’re asking others to do what you’re not willing to and profiteering off it in the mean time by forcing the recipients to shop at your stores. That’s not charity, it’s advertising.


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  2. Best. Post. Ever.

  3. Well said!

  4. Thank you both. Glad to see it struck a nerve. 🙂

  5. fuck off dickhead

  6. @ Anonymous:

    Always nice to hear from the brilliant folx who support our troops!

  7. i dont agree with not supporting your military, however very rarely does a military family need extra items becaues of financial dificulties. We are not paid enough but above average. I would like to see discounts everywhere for our service then companies to offer programs that go to people that really dont need them. without military our conuntry wouldn’t be what it is

  8. I don’t have a military, but I am forced to support the US Government’s military despite my wishes. However, your last sentence couldn’t be more accurate (despite its grammatical flaws): “without military our conuntry wouldn’t be what it is”

    Without a military the United States would, indeed, be very different-

    1) The twin towers would still be standing (Al Qaeda attacks us because our troops our stationed in their homeland)

    2) We’d be a much wealthier country (50% of the money stolen from us through taxation goes to fund the military)

    3) We’d be a much freer country (not only is the military a tool of oppression, but it’s the continual cause of new laws to further restrict our freedoms)

  9. Good to hear from our patriotic citizens. I hope everyone that is expounding on this topic understands what gives them the ability to speak freely; the U.S. constitution. The constitution is exactly what every service member takes an oath to defend. I am sure that none of you that feel our taxes are being “taken” have ever served your country fro one day. Its people that take that oath that make your comments her possible. Each of you should thank our service members for their selfless service to protect your constitutional rights rather than degrading what they do for you. Especially while they are fighting and dying in foreign countries. It’s not their choice to be there but they selflessly serve their civilian leaders and you. If you don’t like the way this country is run move to Canada!!!

  10. There would have never been any twin towers. You would be a Brittish subject or some other nations citizen without a strong military.

  11. Bitman,

    You might want to reread the Constitution that your service members (not mine) tak an oath to uphold. It grants a grand total of ZERO rights. What it does is deny the federal government the right to infringe upon the rights we have as a result of being sentient beings. Of course, both the government and the US military regularly choose to ignore the very document they’ve sworn to defend so it’s not too surprising they don’t understand it.

    Speaking of Canada, though… how is it that Canadians have free speech without the protection of your beloved constitution and the paid killers who claim to defend it?

  12. This is a great program that Sears helps oversee. My family participated last year and it is totally legit. My question to you is if they are not your troops, then why are living in the US and taking advantage of the rights and freedoms thay they give you by fighting for our Country. I would have to say you are the most ignorant people I have ever come across. That is saying alot, as I have been all over the world. Grow up and keep your idiotic comments to yourself!

  13. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I live here in the US only because I had the misfortune to be born in this slave state and now they won’t let me leave.

    What “rights and freedoms” are being fought for, exactly? MY “right” to pay all of YOUR expenses against my will? MY “freedom” to only speak (or write) words and thoughts that you approve?

    Want to help me? Stop leaching off my hard earned cash and get a job that doesn’t entail stealing my money and killing in my name.

  14. What you dont realize is that we have special military contracts through our kenmore and craftsman brands. They scratch our backs, we scratch theirs