Dec 012008

Zaira and I attended opening weekend of the second annual Holiday In The Park celebration at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on Saturday.  This event is really starting to come together and we had a wonderful time.  Arriving early we were able to get our photos taken with numerous Looney Tunes characters and holiday mascots before the park even officially opened.  The theme for this year’s event was Land, Sea and Snow (playing off the park’s three themed areas of Land, Sea and Sky), but even though the park definitely felt wintry and the holiday spirit was evident everywhere there was really not very much in the way of snow.

There was a small “pen” of snow behind the stage in the food court area which hosts the Frosty The Snowman show during Holiday In The Park.  And they did have the advertised snow sledding available, though it’s not really much of a hill.  To their credit, however, this was real snow (or at least ice)and not some kind of plastic, foam or other artificial snow-like substance.  And Zaira (who’s never had a chance to sled down a real snow hill) enjoyed all four of her sledding trips.

Z was excited about the snow, but I was most excited about the fact that their wooden roller coaster, Roar, would be open for the holidays this year, unlike the inaugural Holiday In The Park in 2007. If your favorite ride is near the animals, though then you’re out of luck. Everything past (and including) Boomerang and the Tasmanian Devil is closed for the winter. We wouldn’t want to disturb the critters in the cold, now would we?

That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to sit and watch, however. Shouka (the killer whale), Merlin (the dolphin) and the sea lions all have special holiday shows for the animal lovers. There is also A Toy Box Christmas every hour on the Oasis Stage, Looney Tunes Xmas Karaoke in place of the “Talent Show”, a Scrooge puppet who heckles and interacts with the audience, Driver Daniel reading Thomas’ Christmas Delivery in Thomas Town, a holiday parade, and a five minute Frosty The Snowman show in the main food area.  We skipped the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony this year, having seen it with the world’s largest Christmas Tree last year, but sat in on Scrooge, Frosty and Xmas Karaoke.

Frosty The Snowman at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Looney Tunes Christmas Show at Discovery Kingdom

Zaira Sings ‘Deck The Halls’ with the Looney Tunes

We rode Medusa, Roar and Cobra (the latter just for the great holiday ride photo frame they had available), skipped Kong (Z hates it and there’s no ride photo), wandered the Christmas Tree Forest, Candy Cane Lane and Lollipop Lane, and “met” the new baby stingray at Sting Ray Bay.

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