Nov 302008

The International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) is sponsoring not one, but five different contests (or challenges) as they refer to them centered around using XML, XQuery and DB2 more effectively.  Whether you’re a student just starting to learn about these technologies or a greybeard who has written the documentation followed by the aforementioned students there will surely at least one IDUG contest will offer you either excitement, challenge or enjoyment (if not all three).

  1. Monthly Video Contest: Judged by the IDUG community, all you need to do is upload an XML focused video.  Prizes will be awarded monthly.
  2. Monthly Gadget Contest: Simply create a small widget or gadget that will be judged by the IDUG community.  Prizes will be awarded monthly.
  3. Port an Application: has your favorite app been ported to use XML, XQuery or DB2?  If not, do the work yourself and possibly win a prize. Judged by a panel of judges.
  4. Develop an Application: Better yet, develop a brand new application using XML and/or XQuery and enter this challenge. Judged by a panel of judges.
  5. Take The XQuery Challenge: All you need to do is answer a series of questions by developing queries in XQuery. All correct answers (both query structure and solutions) will be entered to win larger prizes.

So, there you have it.  Now go get your geek on!


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