Nov 262008

Tomorrow I will attempt two things that I have never done before: preparing Thanksgiving dinner and live blogging.  Well, actually, both attempts will begin tonight.

You see, I just found out on Saturday that Zaira would be with me on Thanksgiving Day since her mother has to work.  That didn’t really leave me any time to come up with something to do on turkey day, so I decided to take the plunge and try to create a feast for two.  Bear in mind that, cookie and french toast experimentation aside, I don’t cook.   In fact, I’ve never even attempted to prepare a single dish for any of the two dozen or soThanksgiving dinners I’ve attended.  I’ve brought food, and I’ve paid for food, but I’ve never cooked food.  So this should be interesting.

And to make things even more interesting both Zaira and I will be live blogging our Thanksgiving starting around 9:30 tonight when we go grocery shopping for all the things we’ll need.   My views of our little experiment at “traditional” living will be posted here at Philaahzophy while Zaira’s will be posted on her blog, Butterfly Diaries. So if you find yourself curious about us during T-day, or just want to laugh at someone who’s probably having a tougher time cooking than you are, be sure to drop by and see how we’re doing.

(BTW, That’s President Dwight D. Eisenhower carving his family’s turkey back in 1952.  The top picture, not the bottom one 😉 )

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