Nov 252008

It was just last year that the television writers went on strike. You may not remember because the only real effect it had was on television news: they couldn’t stop talking about it. Well, it was shortly after that strike was resolved that I gave up on television all together. So, imagine my surprise when I stumble across the story today that now the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is considering following the trail blazed by the television writers and going on strike themselves.

Of course, when the writers went on strike SAG supported them. What else were they going to do? These people can’t speak without a script in front of them and I’m sure they’re hoping for a little reciprocation this fall. Me? I’m tired of the whole thing.  All of these worker bes spend far too much time whining about how much the studios make.  Hello?!? It’s basic economics.  The studios make the money because they take the risk.  Actors (and writers) get paid whether a show survives or not.  Maybe when these actors, writers, directors, etc start funding some of the outrageous production costs in Hollywood I’ll give a damn what they think.  Until then I recommend they be thankful they have a job at all.  Or just quit and move on.  Strikes are for lazy, egotistical, bums who know they could never survive in a free marketplace.

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