Nov 252008

There are three reasons to go to Las Vegas: gambling, girls, and golf. Now Royal Links Golf Course has brought two of the three together in a way no one else has with their Female Caddy Service called Par Mates. 

Not only are these the hottest ladies you’re likely to find on any of the dozens of Las Vegas Golf Courses, but they also know a thing or two about balls … er … golf balls that is.  Not only will they fulfill all of your traditional caddy needs: replacing divots, cleaning clubs and balls, ordering drinks, and help with the course itsel; but they’ll also make the lush Vegas scenery that much more enjoyable to look at.

What’s that?  Where’s the gambling?  Well, i don’t suppose any body would stop you from placing a small wager on the game, but when you’ve got girls and golf like this, everybody’s already a winner!

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