Nov 242008

Do you remember me talking about how Amazon couldn’t sell 100,000 copies of The Tales of Beedle The Bard Collector’s Edition in a week?  Well, that wasmore than three months agao and guess what… it still hasn’t sold out!

Deepening that insult is the fact that Amazon has included this “must have”, “magical treasure” to their annual Customers Vote Super holiday savings event at a discount price of $50.00. When have you ever seen the exclusive marketer of a genuine, in demand collectible drop the price by a full 50% after pre-orders have begun and before release? Isn’t the idea supposed to be that this thing will “skyocket” in value?  It would seem that Amazon, the most knowledgable bookseller in the history of the world, made a huge mistake when determining the continuing marketability of the Harry Potter brand.

Seeing this book on the ‘ultra sale shelf’ reminded me that the latest film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, was scheduled for release this past weekend.  Well, for some reason (running away from Twilight, perhaps?) the release date got pushed all the way back to next July despite the film having been completed and “in the can” several months ago.

Yes, things aren’t looking so hot for Eng;and’s favorite boy wizard…

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