Nov 182008

Okay, we weren’t actually on a road trip at the time, but we were in Rover (our car) and we were watching a movie about Africa (Madagascar: Back 2 Africa at the drive-in), so that’s kind of a road trip, right?  Anyway, it became clear to us, once again, that we seriously need a better flashlight in Rover.  Dome lights only go so far, headlights aren’t directional, and neither works should your battery go dead.

This was, at least, the third or fourth time we’ve needed a flashlight only to find Rover’s dead or dying.  No more!  I’ve just ordered a couple of Surefire Flashlights from L.A. Police Gear (whom I’ve mentioned before here on Philaahzophy). These Ni-Cad lights aren’t cheap, but they’re some of the highest rated in the business when it comes to lasting light.  The Surefire 8NX Commander has a SureFire X80 xenon gas-filled lamp assembly with 110 lumens output for 50 minutes and is made from non-conductive, corrosion-resistant Nitrolon polymer, with an impact and heat-proof Pyrex lens window .  Okay, I don’t quite know what all that means, but it sure sounds cool, doesn’t it?

No more being afraid of the dark for us or Rover 😉

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