Nov 182008

So, I was catching up with the web hosting blog over at Web Hosting Geeks (who I wrote about last week the place to find any top list for the best website hosting for Australia) and learned that the folks at cPanel released “cPanel VPS Optimized” earlier this year, which uses up significantly less RAM than the normal cPanel. With Virtual Private Hosting (VPS) the cost is never in the disk space or even the bandwidth like with shared hosting. Rather it’s with memory.

When I first signed on with Wired Tree (my VPS provider) I asked if it would be possible to use an alternative control panel to avoid the memory hogging cPanel.  I believe I’d actually learned about the control panel memory problems through Web Hosting Geeks as well, by the way.  Anyway, they informed me that at this time cPanel was my only choice and if it was consuming too much RAM then I could always buy more.  Great.  I’m looking to save money, not spend more to run the apps that they reqquire of me.  Still, they have a great customer service rating and wonderful reviews at Web Hosting Geeks as well as on othe rsites, so I still went with them.

Now I learn that there’s a much more efficient version of cPanel?  Grrrr.  As irritated as I am with WiredTree I’m ever more thankful for sites like Web Hosting Geeks that provide independent, third-party information about the web hosting business.

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