Nov 112008

A few weeks ago a friend of Zaira’s accompanied us to Fright Fest at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  On the two hour drive to Vallejo her friend commented that I was “not like any other Dad [she] know[s]“.  Z assures me that this was a compliment – I tend to be: more involved in her life than her friend’s fathers; far goofier than most other parents she’s met (singing to songs on the radio, naming my car, character hunting at amusement parks, etc); easier to have a conversation with because I seem genuinely interested in what she and her friends have to say.  Assurances aside, I haven’t been able to get this comment out of my head.

As y’all know I came late to the position of “father”.  Partially because of that, but primarily because I never hoped to be a parent, I’m exceedingly sensitive about “attacks” to parenting skills.  We all like to think of ourselves as good parents, but how do we really know?

So, I’ve been seeking ways that i could keep my personality in tact, do no damage to my relationship with Z, and still be more of a “normal dad”.   Then I heard about Sears having Craftsman C3 Tools on Sale.  Aha!  Power tools!  I own a grand total of zero at this moment in time.  So maybe this is my chance to be more “dad-like”.  Who doesn’t love the idea of a cordless power drill?  Of course, they have far more than power drills on sale.  The entire Craftsman C3 line is discounted for the holidays.  Thus, my question to all of you, dear readers, is what tool is most dad-like?  In other words, where should I start building my power tool collection?
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