Nov 102008

One would think that as the internet grows it would be easier to find a quality web hosting company. However, that has not been my experience. Although I haven’t been writing about it lately, Top Hosting Center still can’t manage to keep my websites online. This is despite their moving me to another server with a smaller load and me moving my sites that require the most services to another webhost. Over the last six weeks or so they’ve only managed about a 92% uptime, but they continue to ignore my requests that they honor their 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Meanwhile I’m paying roughly $50 per month to for a Virtual private Server.  Their customer service is definitely top-notch, though so I’m not too frustrated at the cost for now.  It’s been a pretty steep learning curve, but I think I’m doing okay.  Still can’t figure out why I’m using so much RAM, but I’ve been told that memory is the single largest limiting factor in a VPS environment.  Weird that it was never a problem when paying so much less for shared hosting.

As I’ve searched for a better understanding of what, exactly, I need in a web host I’ve been reading a lot of articles over at Web Hosting Geeks (who I’ve written about before).  They’re primarily a website hosting review site, though they also have a large article directory and numerous links to resources elsewhere on the web.  I’ve been spending most of my time poring over the various customer reviews, though.  Not only do I find myself better understanding the world of web hosting in th emodern age, but it also keeps me from feeling like I’m all alone or have some bizarre requirements.

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  1. Whatever you said about uptime is true. If a hosting company is providing you good service but if they are offering uptime below 99% its definitely not worth it. Liked your article, found uniqueness in it.

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