Nov 062008
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I was looking for a “rare” horror collection containing a story by F. Paul Wilson this week when I stumbled across a great way to save serious cash. The book is called Heroic Fantasy and it contains (amongst other things) a short story titled Demonsong that is the first tale in F. Paul Wilson’s “Secret History Of The World”. I’m in the process of collecting everything Wilson has ever written so that I can review it for The F. Paul Wilson Project.  But wait, I’m getting off track here…

I googled the book’s ISBN and, of course, Amazon was the first result.  Amazon had four copies available.  Unfortunately their prices ranged from $31.50 to $350.00!  Google’s second result was a site called  I’ve heard of various “online book exchange” sites befor, but never used one.  I tend to be a hoarder of books that I’ve read.  But I poked around this one a bit hoping I could swap something for Heroic Fantasy and save myself $30.00 or so.  Here’s how it works…

  • Register your email and snail addresses
  • Start listing books you have available for swap
  • (Optional) Once yo ulist 10 books you receive two free Book Credits (explained below)
  • When someone sees a book they want that you have the system sends you an email with the book name and the person’smailing address
  • You pack up the book and ship it off to them.
  • When they receive the book yu recieve one Book Credit
  • You can exchange your Book Credit for any book on the site

It’s a great system as your only expense is shipping off the books that people have requested from you.  When you request a book you pay absolutely nothing!  Considering even used paperbacks are pushing $4 and you can mail off a book media mail for less than $3 it’s quite a bit of savings.

Of course, I didn’t have 10 paperbacks I was ready to part with yet, so I poked around a bit more and discovered that you can buy Book Credits for only $3.45!  I purchased 3 credits and scooped up the ‘rare’ book I was seeking as well as a couple of other treasures.

If you’re a voracious (or even regular) reader and aren’t extremely picky about the condition of your books this site could be a savings godsend. They also have three sister sites SwapaCD, SwapaDVD and SwapaGoat which work on the same system.  So if you’re a music or movie junkie there’s something for you as well.

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Part of the Friday Frugality Series - Previous in series        Next in series

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  3. Paper back swap sounds like a great way to get good reads! If you ever need to get rid of books that are of no use or beyond use give them to me please.

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