Sep 292008

Greetings! And welcome to the premiere edition of the weekly ForumFinder Blog Carnival!

We’re a little light on submissions this week, but that just means we’ve got room to grow! Each week we will feature the best blog posts written by members of the Forum Finder community.

What’s ForumFinder, you ask?  Well, Breezie has those answers for you in The ForumFinder Forums, which covers “A little bit of the history behind ForumFinder”, posted at Just shooting the breeze with Breezie.

The short version?  It’s a place where netizens try to help each other out.  For example, Izea Bloggers at My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings wants to know what you think about Public vs Private School.  This blog post has been on fire all week with people from every walk of life weighing with opinions one way or the other.  It’s one of those great experiences when the comments are as entertaining and informative as the original post itself.

We’re not “all serious all the time” over at ForumFinder though, as Christina thecoffeelady  of CoffeeCoffeeCoffee (notice a theme there?) makes clear in her recent post It happened again!

Okay, that’s just “internet fun”.  What about “the real world”?  Well, how ’bout seeing what Aahz has to say about last weekend’s Taste of Morgan Hill Street Fair over at Aahz Reviews Morgan Hill.

That’s it for this week. Hey, I warned you it was a bit light! If you’d like to be included in next week’s edition check out the blog carnival homepage for the guidelines, then submit your article via carnival submission form. The deadline for next week’s edition is Friday, October 3rd at 9pm (Pacific time) and it will be published at Aahz Reviews Morgan Hill next Monday.

  2 Responses to “ForumFinder Blog Carnival – Premiere Edition”

  1. Thats actually a pretty good start for our very 1st Blog Carnival, can’t wait to see what the next one brings now.

    Breezies last blog post..Re: Help to "Spread The Word"

  2. Hello,

    This post is very interesting, Bravo for the initiative!

    Let me know for the next one, i’m curious to see the impact

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