Sep 282008
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It’s been three days since the 6 hour downtime at Top Hosting Center and I still have not received a reply to any of my emails to support or to the THC CEO, Eric Vanier.  They also have yet to acknowledge that the downtime even happened other than this brief mention in their control panel news-

We are facing an issue with our dedicated firewall. It should be solved shortly. Your patience is appreciated

Of course, the downtime began on 9/24, but carried over into 9/25 as well.  And despite the present tense in that notice it wasn’t published until after the downtime was complete (or at least it wasn’t visible as the control panel was crashed as well).

When all of the site’s on my server (including Eric’s blog)  lost their database connection for 15 minutes this evening, customer support’s response was unsurprising – they denied it was happening.  However, once I asked if they wanted to see the screenshots they said they’d “check something else”.  A few minutes later, database connectivity returned.  Once again this coincidentally (?!?) occurred during a spate of StumbleUpon traffic – this time to my post: Applied Anarchy: You CAN Trust Politicians.

Part of the Top Hosting Center Series - Previous in series        Next in series

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