Sep 272008

Welcome to the very first edition of Social Saturday here at Philaahzophy. This semi-regular serious will appear whenever I have some new discovery, ide, or news to share about the world of social bookmarking sites: StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, etc.

By far, the most common complaint I see about social bookmarking site StumbleUpon is that the traffic “doesn’t convert”. In this case, “convert” means that the visitors don’t buy the product being advertised and/or click through any of the ads on the page, thus generating revenue for the blogger or webmaster.

I’ve been concentrating on becoming a better member of the StumbleUpon community, learning more about how the service works, and closely watching its effect on my blogs for the last six weeks or so.  I’m certainly not going to claim any sort of “expert” status, but one thing has been made very clear to me – StumbleUpon traffic does convert.

Unfortunately, “convert” for me means “click on my Adsense ads” and Google won’t permit its publishers to share specific numbers.  So, instead of being able to share screenshots y’all are just going to have to trust me on this one.

As I’ve mentioned before, during the first two weeks of September (county fair season in the United States) my Carnival Midway Games Revealed (Part Two) post was receiving 50-100 hits a day coming from StumbleUpon.  That actually climbed as high as 500 visitors a day before finally petering off to the “normal” 10-20 visits a day.  The SU traffic to that post alone was quadrupling my daily unique visitor account.  During those same two weeks, my Google Adsense revenue frmo Philaahzophy tripled, without a single change in anything I was doing with Adsense.  In fact, by the 12th of September I had set my all time record for a full month’s Adsense earning.

Now, you could certainly think that I’m making this all up for some reason.  You might also think that it’s just a coincidence.  But I know that I had a steady $x.xx per day earnings for weeks before that post got hot on StumbleUpon, and that my earnings since the SU traffic dissapated matches the pattern before hand.  If it was coincidence it was the darnedest thing I ever saw.  The only different about Philaahzophy during that time was the amount of traffic coming from StumbleUpon and  going to that single post.  So, if it wasn’t Stumblers checking out those Adsense ads, then who was it?

  10 Responses to “Is StumbleUpon Traffic Worthless? Dispelling The Myth”

  1. I do get a lot of traffic from Stumble Upon, and I’ve picked up maybe 10 new regular readers from it. I don’t monetize with adsense, so the traffic makes me happy 🙂

  2. It’s all a numbers game. 🙂

  3. Makes me wonder if I should try adsense again.

  4. I have belonged to Stumble upon for a long time, but never have quite figured it out! Maybe, I’ll go back and check it out some more!
    Your FL furiends,

  5. I’ve had days of 600 visitors from SU and NO clicks. Days of 50 visits, none from SU and 15 clicks. My experience has been SU traffic is pretty useless to me. But I think it depends on the blog subject.

  6. I’ve got to start checking my stats better. It’s good to know that SU can help traffic and income for some of us.

  7. I have a blog post that got over 41,000 hits from StumbleUpon yesterday. I don’t have google on that blog but for me traffic is traffic.

  8. Sounds like I better get SU set up then…

    @Lisa, if I got 41,000 hits in a year I’d be excited!!! Nice going 🙂

  9. I don’t understand the people that complain about free traffic? I love SU traffic if it “convert” or don’t. I am getting my site out there and people are seeing it. If i get 10 guys out of 300 from SU to like my site, then that’s a good job!

    It’s the law of average people, the more people who comes to your site, the higher the chances they’ll “convert”, clicking ads or becoming regular readers.

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  11. @Lisa: WOW! I can’t even imagine that much traffic, though I suppose it’s one of the things I’m building towards. Still, as you say, traffic is traffic. If you’re monetizing your blog in any way, than traffic is still king – whether it’s increased Adsense clicks, higher CPM performance, or just better stats to share with advertisers – StumbleUpon traffic is FAR from worthless.

  12. Is StumbleUpon Traffic Worthless…

    By far, the most common complaint I see about social bookmarking site StumbleUpon is that the traffic “doesn’t convert”. In this case, “convert” means that the visitors don’t buy the product being advertised and/or click through any of the …

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