Sep 262008
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…to be politicians.
While checking out the new Salvation Army Store in Gilroy (one of the few ways to avoid sales tax) last weekend I came across a mint condition copy of Dr. Fred Schwarz’ You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists, originally published in 1960).  The paperback copy I picked up was printed in 1972, but looks like it just came off the press this morning.  But, my love of ‘new’ old books isn’t the point here.  Instead, I’d like to share a section of the first chapter with y’all. Oh, but I am going to make one minor change-

The statement is frequently heard “you cannot trust the Politicians.” This is incorrect; you can trust the Politicians.

They are extremely trustworthy. You can trust a cancer cell to obey the laws of its lawless growth. You can trust an armed bank robber to take the money and try to escape. Similarly you can trust the Politicians to act in accordance with the laws of their being.

When people operate according to clearly defined principles they are both trustworthy and predictable. While we continue to believe that the Politicians think, feel and believe as we do the Political movement is, as Winston Churchill described [the Communists] “a riddle wrapped in an enigma.” The movements of the heavenly bodies appeared mysterious and unpredictable til Copernicus discovered the governing laws. When we understand the philosophy of Politicians the unified purpose concealed in their frequently chaotic and contradictory conduct is revealed.

Schwarz’ purpose (and mine) in these few paragraphs is to help those interested in defeating Communists (Politicans) to better understand their enemy.  As long as you remind yourself that Politicians are trustworthy – in the sense that they will always act in their own self-interest – their actions are vastly more understandable.

If you already consider yourself an anarchist, Libertarian, or freedom lover than this is probably obvious to you.  You’ve also probably encountered many a person who simply can’t understand your views.  This, may well be the reason why.  They have not yet come to realize that politicians always act i ntheir own self-interest. Bring them to that understanding and the rest will most likely fall in place.

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  11 Responses to “Applied Anarchy: You CAN Trust Politicians…”

  1. Surely there’s at least one politician who started out with noble ideals. I can’t help but get the feeling that the further removed the politician is from the area they represent, the less they remember to care.

    Feroxs last blog post..Is ‘Said’ a dirty word?

  2. @Ferox:
    Oh, I have no doubt that the majority of politicians started out with noble ideas. Then again, that group includes Stalin, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and many others who have caused millions of deaths and wholesale loss of freedoms. Noble ideas don’t mean much in the real world when their actions oppress so many.

  3. I’m sure lots start out with the best intentions in mind, but find pressures ect and forces beyond their control.I agree, the further up the ladder they go, the more they forget about the people they are supposed to be representing and who voted them into the position in the first place.

  4. I would agree with those statements to an extent. But anarchy, true anarchy, could never work simply due to human nature.

    Its a sad fact. We need to find a form of regulation that works but I sometimes wonder if thats a pipe dream.

    Stomphoofs last blog post..Mini Update – A Mini Adventure at Lunch!

  5. You CAN trust human beings to be…human. We all inhale and exhale and our bent is always toward sin and self.

    And you can take that to the bank!

    Brads last blog post..Thank You, Again, President George Bush!

  6. @Stomphoof:

    But true anarchy can and has worked at many times throughout human civilization. Many American Indian tribes were anarchist societies and they worked just fine until the Europeans showed up and imposed government on them. Iceland was anarchistic and developing for hundreds of years. Somalia has thrived without government for nearly two decades now. Pirate crews were microcosms of anarchist society and functioned well enough to defeat government troops for more than a hundred years as well.

    You are right about ragulation that works being a pipe dream, though. Whenever a group of people enfroces their will upon another group, there is no freedom.

  7. @Brad: Well, except for the “sin” part I’d have to agree. “Sin” is an individual vallue judgement so can’t really be properly applied to groups.

  8. I really don’t pay much attention to any argument that calls anbother group of people some kind of disease. people are people.

  9. Huh?

    Apparently you don’t pay much attention to what you’re reading either. At no point is any person or group called a disease. The cancer thing is an example of another harmful thing that most people think can’t be trusted: communists, politicians, cancer cells, bank robbers, etc.

    It actually is a perfect analogy, though – politicians act towards the body politic in the same way that cancer acts towards its host body: taking whatever they need and leaving devastation in their wake. It’s much more apt than the more typical “parasite” analogy.

  10. This is a pretty common statement in America. And yet, we keep following politicians orders, turning to them with our problems, and electing more and more. Any idea why we do this if we don’t trust them?

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  12. “…bring them to that understanding…” – that’s the hard part my friend. The sheep love their shepherds! They have no interest in taking the red pill and learning the truth. Convincing them that the shepherds are only there to make money off of their ‘wool’ and for slaughtering them when they’re hungry is not only a daunting task…I’ve found it to be near impossible with most people. Some of them even take great offense when you try to educate them about their chosen team of donkeys or elephants. Look at some of these political rallies…you can see the energy and emotion that some of these sheep have for their leaders…quite frankly it disgusts me!

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