Sep 252008
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I’m writing this in EditPad because my web hosting company, Top Hosting Center, has crashed yet again. This time not only all 20+ of my sites have gone down, but so have all of the domains that I know of, as well as the sites of: THC CEO Eric Vanier’s blog, my supporter in my recent spat with THC Hendra, and my primary antagonist in that fight – on-again, off-again THC employee John Raul, and at least 75 other websites that share the same server as indicated by the screenshot on the right. Additionally, I’ve already received one phone call from a friend who hosts with Top Hosting Center (on my earlier recommendation) who can’t get into his control panel to do necessary work, either. Somehow, I’m sure THC will find a way to blame me for this.

As I’m typing the sites have been down for a full hour. I can’t chat with customer support because that website is down (AGAIN); my email to tech support has, thus far, gone unanswered; and the only phone number I can find for Top Hosting Center is actually a cell phone (probably Eric’s personal line). In fact, since their domain is down I have no way of knowing if anyone actually received my email. For all I know the tech support is sitting around the office, blissfully playing Nerf football, thinking it’s an awfully quiet night.

I am SO done with Top Hosting Center! I had already started the process of getting hosting elsewhere when the heater core on my Bronco went out and ate up the cash I had set aside for the new hosting company. Now I realize I have no choice. I need to move NOW. Of course, I can’t move right this second because I can’t get into my control panel to download my SQL databases because their website is down. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Then again, I’ve paid for “webhosting for life”, so I’ll probably leave a few of my less important blogs/websites on their servers just to save space and bandwidth on the new server I’ll be paying for. Of course, then I’ll have to continue to complain about them here on Philaahzophy, something which, according to the comments he left on his blog, really pissed off Eric Vanier. Well, Eric, I’ve got a solution for you….

How about you honor your 99.9% uptime guarantee (which THC has come nowhere close to fulfilling) and give me a full refund on what I paid for the Rudolph plan? That seems like a reasonable request considering I had at least that much lost revenue just from the outage tonight. Provide the refund, one week’s time to move the sites, and actual access to my files so I can download the most current ones (including my databases) and you’ll never hear from me again. Well, once more to let everyone know that you upheld your end of the deal. How about it?

Oh, and just in case they try to claim it never happened, here are screenshots of the down sites that I took about 30 minutes into the downtime-

At this point I’ve decided to live “blog” this occurence, so please forgive the odd formatting of the reset of this post. Remember, I’m still writing this in EditPad as well, so am hand-coding in all of the HTML. I did try to ask tech support how long it would be and whether it was worth staying up, but they didn’t actually give an answer. Still no responses to my emails to tech support or to THC CEO Eric Vanier.

On to the live “blogging”-

10:57- came back online. Unfortunately, all of the blogs on the server continued to get an “error establishing database connection” (as shown in the screenshots below)

11:11- Everything crashed again, including and the chat window. Meaning, of course, all of us users are once again 100% in the dark. I don’t even have a way to grab my files in order to move them. Again, here’s the screenshots-

11:43- In the half hour since the last crash I’ve been checking around the internet to see how long it should take to reboot a web server on the assumption that maybe after getting things “fixed” the server needed to be rebooted again. The longest time I found was 20 minutes. So clearly there is more wrong at THC then I can guess at. 🙁

11:55- While I’m waiting for Top Hosting Center to come back online I decided to play around with a little math-

I’ve been with THC since December 19, 2007 – 278 days
That’s a total of 6,672 hours or 400,320 minutes.
So far today my sites have been down for 201 minutes, or .005 of the time I’ve been with THC, giving them an uptime of 99.95% – within their gurantee. But that’s only counting the downtime (so far) today. My sites regularly crash at Top Hosting Center. But I don’t even need to go into all the small crashes to make my point. Checking my old emails I found a notice from “Customer Care” dated June 7, 2008 and titled “Server Downtime – Official Statement” in which they admit to having been down for six solid hours. That’s an additional 360 minutes right there.

Adding that to tonight’s outage we’ve got more than 560 minutes of downtime.

Since I’ve been with the company for 400,320 minutes, 99.9% uptime would require my servers to have been online for 399,920 minutes, or less than 400 minutes of downtime total. Meaning that they passed that guranteed threshold quite some time ago. Of course, since I paid once for lifetime hosting they can’t really offer me a free month or anything to make up for my losses. In other words, their “guarantee” is meaningless. Not only have they faile ddramatically to provide what was promised, but their no system in place to compensate me for my losses or their breach of contract. Hmmm… makes that offer I made to Eric up above look all the better.

12:04- The sites came back online while I was playing with the math. Let’s see how long they stay up this time…

12:09- Database error connection again. ::sigh::
Still no responses to my emails, though I assume they’re all pretty busy over there.
At least FTP access is still up (for the moment) so I can continue grabbing my web files. I don’t even see the point in trying to contact online chat support again.

12:18- AND.. we’re back. Crossing my fingers it will last more than a few minutes…

12:21- Gone again. This is getting mighty repetitive.
Lost FTP access this time as well 🙁

12:35- All sites still down. They have been down for more than 4 hours now, that’s more than 240 minutes of downtime with this problem itself. Still no response from THC. It’s way past my bedtime. I’m tired and this got boring about an hour ago. So, I’m off to watch some Rough Science and try to go to sleep.

1:15- is up. Sites still have “Error connecting to database”. FTP is working. No email responses.
On Rough Science they measured the speed of a glacier. Now I’m gonna try falling asleep to CSI.

I may check back in depending on how long Mr. Sandman takes to show up. Otherwise, I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully with an actual website available to post this on. If not, maybe I’ll actually give that cell phone a call.

1:31- Everything crashed again 🙂

2:13- Everything still down.

2:26- THC Back up. FTP up. Blogs have database error.

2:40- Everything back up. For now. This post goes live @ 2:48am

3:00-  Still no response to my support emails

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  2. nznfdawotfqosatywell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  3. I’m sorry, I have no idea what you’re trying to say here 🙁

  4. qazpkyhdksbieeniwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  5. Sorry, but I have no idea what you’re trying to say here. Care to clarify?

  6. Thanks for posting this, i’ll make sure to never use them! Crappy uptime isn’t acceptable. Neither is bad customer support :

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