Sep 242008

Okay, not really, but I kinda feel like one.  And it’s all thanks to my post, I’m Now A Silver AMPlifier For Free Talk Live.  But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself…

Over the weekend I got curious how many people were actually using Google’s new web browser, Chrome.  So, I visited my stats program over at Clicky to see how many visitors were still using it.  There were only a small handful, but one of them had gone directly to my post linked above – no search engine, no stop by the home page.  Curious who even knew about the post, I checked their IP and discovered they were in Keene, NH. Clearly this was Ian from Free Talk Live, whom I’d emailed the link to when signing up as an AMPlifier for the show.  I did a little happy dance and then decided that there were neither enough, nor few enough Chrome visitors to warrant a post or even a comment, and carried on with whatever the next project on my list was.

Imagine my surprise when yesterday evening I’m ‘spying’ on Philaahzophy’s visitors, via Clicky again, and notice that Ian has apparently returned to the post.  And during show time as well!  This could only mean one of two things-

  1. He was sharing my post with Mark or one of the other cohosts, or
  2. He was going to read it on the air.

Popping in to the live feed my “dream” came true and not only did Ian spend a little more than 5 minutes reading my full post on the air, but both he and Mark seemed genuinely impressed with it as well.  My little blog post had just been read to a live national audience over 20-something radio stations and who knows how many internet connections!  Woohoo!  They even pronounced the name of the blog correctly.  I really just wanted to share my personal excitement with all of you, but I figured I’d address a few of their comments as well…

Mark scoffed at the idea that I wasn’t influenced in my decision by Z’s seeming disapproval.  He may well be right, but it lead to a great comment from Ian: “I love this, people’s kids are guilt tripping them for us.”

Mark also asked how someone can be between the two of them on the political spectrum, a statement I made in the post.  In fact, I phrased that poorly.  It’s more that I’m torn between the two of them.  My brain is firmly in Ian’s camp – freedom in our lifetimes is the top priority- while my heart tends to agree with Mark’s stance – some things are more important than freedom – in my case, that’s Z.

When Ian got to my Free State Project plug, he presumed that I’ve already signed up.  Actually, I haven’t, but not because I’m not a supporter in what they’re doing.  It’s because I take my word very seriously (as I think most anarchists/freedom lovers do) and I can’t make the promise today that I will fulfill part of the pledge-

 Once 20,000 people have signed the Statement, participants in the FSP shall move to the state decided upon as expeditiously as possible and absolutely within five years of the crossing of the 20,000-signer threshold.

You see, I can’t promise to move to New Hampshire in five years.  When Z came back into my life three years ago I made her (and myself) a vow that I wouldn’t leave her until she turned 18 and headed out into the world on her own.  Since her mother (a nanny statist through and through) has primary physical custody I’m somewhat limited to where I can choose to reside.  With Z still a few months shy of her 13th birthday, my presence is already committed elsewhere for the next 5+ years.

Now, there are currently only 8,680 signers to the Free State Project, so it’s doubtful that they’ll be hitting the magic 20,000 mark that starts the 5 year clock before my current commitment has decreased to that length of time.  But, as I said above, I take my word very  seriously.  I currently intend to become a full member of the Free State Project on Z’s 13th birthday.  That will leave both commitments running concurrently and give me a bit of hedge room while the remaining FSP members sign up.

I have, however, become a Friend of the Free State Project, and am already working on plans for moving to New Hampshire in the summer or fall of 2014, regardless of the number of existing Free State Project members.  So that’s my story, what’s yours?  Why haven’t you signed up yet, or why haven’t you moved? Or have you?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Nice post, found you via FTL. I like your blog. You are a celebrity in the liberty world because you AMP the show, and help bring the message to more people. Kudos and keep up the good work!

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