Sep 242008
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As y’all know, my squabble with my webhosting company blew up over the last few days. It flowed not only into email but on to two other blogs in addition to this one as well.  End results – one guy, John Raul, apparently lost the sponsorship of his blog (or possibly his job, or possibly nothing at all); Top Hosting Center’s CEO, Eric Vanier, is really pissed off at me; although the badge is still on the THC homepage it no longer links to the website; and my websites have been moved to a new THC server that not only has fewer other domains on it (which should increase stability), but also has the PHP 5 necessary for my “Email This Post” functionality to work properly.  I was under the impression I had PHP 5 on my servers all along since that what was advertised for the Rudolph hosting plan that I purchased.  Apparently, that functionality must be requested.  Who knew?

Regardless, I now have the functionality that I both desire and paid for.  That’s the important result.  At least one other THC customer is now getting better service as well, so I’m not the only one to benefit from this spat.  Only one thing continues to bother me and remain unresolved (at least in my mind).  Both John Raul in his original attack post and, later, Eric Vanier claim that the whole reason I started ranting against THC was to increase traffic to Philaahzophy.  Let me put that to rest with a little evidence.

  • My post,  StumbleUpon Highlights Top Hosting Center’s Weakness, posted September 7 after a slight bump of StumbleUpon traffic crashed my server, is currently the number four result on Google when searching “Top Hosting Center” (with or without quotes), and the number nine result on Yahoo! for the same search.
  • I have never had a single visitor come to my site as a result of searching for Top Hosting Center on any search engine.
  • According to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, the “approximate average monthly number of search queries matching” Top Hosting Center is 110 and there was not enough data to determine the number of searches on that phrase in August.  Feel free to follow the link and check it yourself!

My point?  If I’m targeting THC in order to generate traffic I’m neither very bright, nor very effective.  Despite the egos involved, there just aren’t that many people using the search engines to locate THC.  I do, however, find it rather curious that the THC CEO came to the same conclusion as a (supposedly) former employee of his whom Eric has previously helped disguise himself as merely a satisfied customer.

There’s definitely some fishy stuff going on over at THC, but they still offer some of the best web hosting deals on the web.  You can decide for yourself whether or not the financial savings is worth dealing with some of the oddities I’ve encountered of late.

Part of the Top Hosting Center Series - Previous in series        Next in series

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