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Top Hosting Center Web Host The great thing about the internet is that everyone gets to voice their opinion. The bad thing about the internet is that it’s so easy to represent yourself as something you are not. Take for example, John Raul Joven II who recently attacked me for sharing my personal experience with Top Hosting Center.

First, let’s take a look at the attack itself. From his blog post Blogger Shooting Blanks At The Best Host

The results on Google search towards THC are mostly positive, except one thing — there was an emphasizing post written by Aahz, a current customer of Top Hosting Center, with his blog website that was stumbled purposively on I am not sure if he meant to write it to tell the truth, or he could have written it just for traffic’s sake. I’m a happy THC customer, and based on my hosting experience, I could say this blogger is shooting blanks to the best web hosting company I could ever find nowadays — and guess what — I’m not alone!

I highly recommend you read the whole post in order to get a sense of just how strongly he’s calling me a liar without coming right out and saying it. Well, I have no such compunction – John Raul Joven is a liar. See how easy that was? And here’s some evidence-

  1. He didn’t find my post through Google, he found it through because I showed up on his “recent visitors” after looking for some way to get into Top Hosting Center yesterday.  Despite my being Google’s fourth result for “Top Hosting Center” (with or without quotes) and Yahoo!’s ninth result on the same term, no one has come to my site via that search in at least the last 30 days.
  2. Of course John is “a happy THC customer”!  That’s because he is either a part-owner or employee of Top Hosting Center, despite the fact that fails to disclose this anywhere on his blog.  It’s not like he hasn’t had a chance, he’s written about them time and again over the last year.  He also never bothered to disclose it in the comments he’s left on this blog, on THC CEO Eric Vanier’s blog (where Eric continues the farce with his comment), or anywhere else that I can find.  Instead he continually represents himself as a “happy customer”.
  3. Yes, I have screenshots, links and documentation to back all of this up.  But I’d love to hear back from THC and/or John before posting them.

And, by the way, John – I’m not alone in my thinking that Top Hosting Center’s customer support has tumbled in the last few months either.  Here’s another comment from Eric Vanier’s blog post that I linked to above-

Hendra Ruslyon 21 Sep 2008 at 1:52 pm

Hi Eric, just wanna add some comment on THC support after 9 Month being a customer of Rudolph Plan.
Based on my latest personal experience, I feel that THC’s support is not as good as it used to be.

Nine Month ago, the customer service was really awesome.
I get all the help I need in just few hours or so.
You guys make me believe that 24/7 Customer Service is not a joke.
I promote you in my blog, in Internet Marketing Forum I am member of.
Commenting everywhere people need review of the company.

But now, as my online venture expanding, it’s all different.
I’m dissapointed.
I don’t know what happen with the company.
Customer Service is falling apart.
I have tickets left un answered. But that’s okay, maybe people are just busy. I wait for 48 hours, and still no answer.
Then I ‘bumped’ my tickets and ask why I haven’t got an answer for my previous tickets, and I was asked to re-submit my ticket!
Oh well, maybe it’s just a technological glitch, my tickets got lost somewhere.
Maybe it’s because I am a Rudolph Plan customer that has paid forward then I should not ask for much.
Maybe the company doesn’t like I am running several sites in my cheap Rudolph Plan, that make me becoming burden to the company.
Maybe I missunderstood the unlimited term?
If it’s so, all the company need to do is, explain to me that I’m not allowed to host this number of sites. Then I’ll be happy to open new account.
I don’t know for sure what is the reason for the lack of Customer Service.
But one thing for sure, I miss the experience I had with THC at my early days blogging.
I hope things could improve.
I’m looking forward to had my once best hosting experience once again with THC.

Your die hard fans.

It seems Hendra is having the exact same experience I am. And she’s only sharing her IP with about 72 other websites (as opposed to the 300 plus that are on mine) including several that are owned and operated by THC itself.  Or is she a liar as well?  BTW, John didn’t disclose his relationship when commenting on Hendra’s review either.

One more thing.  Y’all might be wondering about the graphic at the top of this post.  Well, as long as I can remember Top Hosting Center has had a badge on their website boasting that they were declared the #1 Budget Hosting service by  Unfortunately, following the link shows that not only is Top Hosting Center not listed amongst the award winners, but doesn’t even list them as a recommended company.  In fact, THC isn’t mentioned ANYWHERE on the site that I could find.  What’s up with that John?  Eric?

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  5 Responses to “Top Hosting Center Attacks Web Hosting Customer”

  1. Hi Aahz,

    Thanks for revealing that you also had the same problem as I did.

    For the last 2 month I am all in all have been dissapointed with our Host’s customer support.
    Your post has express all my though and feeling about THC.

    All this long I though I was alone, that is why I kept it for my self and never made any post or comments.

    Not until few days ago, when I’ve waited for over 48 hours to get my ticket answered (after I resubmit the same ticket twice!).

    That’s, the moment I can’t kept my feeling and then I posted that comment you quoted in Eric’s blog….

    Eric did respond to me by emailing me directly, saying that he were very sorry about the problems I faced with his Customer Service and he will do his best to fix it.

    Eric also said that they had got overloaded with dedicated service and hosting plans.
    Which in my humble opinion, they should not sacrifice their Customer Service because of this overloaded problem.

    I got my problem settled not more than 24 hour after Eric send me his email.

    Let’s just say that, I am content by now.
    But I will not recommend THC anymore to anyone at this point forward.

    At least until I got prove that they’ve back to the state when I first joined the Rudolph Plan



    Hendras last blog post..FREE Forum Marketing Insights From TOP Internet Marketers

  2. Yes, I used to work for THC until July as freelance web developer. I’ve already drifted my own ways to a new employer and happy with it. And there’s no change in my position for that, it is the best hosting company for me as it has always been. And you’re completely wrong with your #1 statement, as I really made a search in Google and found your link from the first page of the search results and landed in your website as described on my post. I like THC but I don’t care about them anymore, they are out of my life and happy with my new employer I found few months ago. So, get a life.

    John Raul Joven IIs last blog post..Blogger Shooting Blanks At The Best Host

  3. Oh btw, I already updated my profile and mention THC there for your pleasure, and for additional information. After discovering all your posts, the company now decided to cut their sponsorship. Happy now? I’m not going to write about you anymore otherwise you’ll ruin my personal life and my future and that is something I did not attack you with.

  4. @John Raul Joven II:

    So let’s see….

    You admit that when you were writing all of those glowing reviews for the company and posting everywhere you could about what great customer service they had you were actually working for them as a Customer Service Representative.

    You also therefore acknowledge that when THC’s CEO Eric Vanier replied to your comment about what great customer service they had you were a current employee of them.

    And then you claim that you “don’t care about them anymore” despite the fact that you still listed them on your resume as a current employer as late as this afternoon and you decided to write an attack post about me last night over my problems with them. Even though you no longer worked for them. Hmmm… not buying that one.

    And THEN you claim that I somehow cost you your blog sponsorship with them (in other words they were still paying you) today. You’re the one that brought the fight to me, John. If you hadn’t attacked me on your blog then your name would never have been brought into it and your semi-secret business relationship wouldn’t have been exposed. I guess now that you’ve been outed as a shill you’re no longer of any value to the company.

    Just don’t expect me to feel bad for you. If your personal life and/or future have been negatively affected today it was a result of your attacks and your lies, not of anything I said or did.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors and here’s a hint – try honesty.

  5. I was glad to hear that I wasn’t the only one, Hendra. I was starting to feel persecuted 😉

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