Sep 152008

While I’ve written about effectively using real world mailing lists a few times here at Philaahzophy I’ve never shared any details about using your email mailing list effectively. Primarily, this is because I simply don’t know any “secrets” about doing so.  However, Tellman’s The ListBuilding Club asked me to share my thoughts about how their services can help you start a successful online business.  They even offered a free account so I could poke around the program and get a good solid idea of how list building could help my business.  Sounded pretty good, so I headed on over.

Unfortunately, upon entering the account info they provided I was told that “Your account has been disabled. Contact site webmaster for details.”  Hrm… it was presumably the webmaster who provided me with that acount.  Oh well, never one to be deterred I headed over to their website, provided my name and email address, and clicked the “Click Here For Free Instant Access!!” button. Then two things happened-

  1. I was taken to yet another spammish looking page asking for my credit card information in order to “Get A GOLD Level Membership for FREE … As part of a very limited marketing test,” and
  2. I received an email with a link to my “first video sneak peek.”

Well, I wasn’t interested in providing my credit card info before I learned more about the program and am still not sure why they needed it if the Gold Membership was going to be free.  So, I clicked over to the video.  It was an instructional video on “Buying Your First Domain.”  Considering I purchased my first domain more than 10 years ago, and have purchased nearly a thousand since then, not very useful for me.  And what, exactly does this have to do with using my mailing list to make money online?

Still seeking some actual information I tried the various navigation buttons above the video –  Videos, Audios, Articles, Resources, and Help.  All led directly to a login box which (again) claimed my account had been disabled.  So, despite being promised “A ‘Quickstart’ program that puts your idea online in 24 hours”, all I have at this point is one more online marketer taking advantage of having my confirmed email addres, a video explaining how to do something I was able to do a decade ago (and I’ve explained in detail how to do here on this blog, and a request for my credit card info in order to allow entry in to the free membership area.

It should be clear at thi spoint why I know so little about effectively using a mailing list for online marketing.  Every time I try to get some information about it I keep running in to brick walls.  If you’re a member of The List Building Club, please drop a comment ot let me know how it’s working out for you!

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