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september-11thYeah, you read that right.

Today is the seventh anniversary of the day that 300 Million Americans were responsible for the deaths of 3,000 Americans. At this point you’re either right there with me or are assuming that I’m insane.  Either way, I hope you’ll stick around a little longer to see what I have to say.  It just might change the way you think.

Despite (widely accepted) propaganda to the contrary, Islamic terrorists do not ‘hate America’ because we’re a free, Democratic society.  Leaving aside the lack of Democracy within the United States, this doesn’t explain why there has not been a major terrorist attack in Japan lately.  There are many, many countries that are more ‘free’ than the United States.  Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland and Australia all rank higher on The Heritage Foundation’s Index jail-flag-7-20120826-8of Economic Freedom (and their tagline is “Leadership For America”, so they just might be bumping the U.S. numbers a bit).  We’re essentially tied with New Zealand and Canada on that list, but they haven’t been targeted.

Nor do they hate the United States because we’re a ‘Christian nation’.  Ignoring the fact that only roughly 80% of Americans self-identify as Christian, Lebanon is a whole lot closer to them and is not only 40% Christian, but is required by law to have a Christian president.  For that matter, why aren’t they bombing Mexico on a regular basis?  Mexico has one of the largest Christian populations in the world (95% at last count) and democratic elections.

SoldiersWhy, then are the terrorists targeting Americans and the United States?  Well, if you take a few minutes to listen to or read some of their propaganda you’ll see that they’re very straightforward about why.  They want us to get out of their territory!  The United States currently has military personnel deployed in 151 nations around the globe.  They only recognize 194 nations, so that means that the United States has a military presence in more than75% of the world!  Strange, I thought the purpose of the U.S. military was to defend the United States.

If you’re still reading this (and you weren’t cheering for me from the beginning) then you’re probably wondering howvotingquotes.jpg~original all of this makes you and 299,999,999 other Americans responsible for the tragic deaths on 9/11.  Well, that’s simple really.  The imperialistic power-mongers that have run this country for your entire lifetime were put there by you and your fellow Americans.  You either voted them in, supported them, or didn’t do nearly enough to keep them from wielding all of that power.  The United States was supposed to have “government of the people, by the people, for the people“.  if you believe that is true, then Americans are responsible for everything the United States government does and you need to take some personal responsibility for the repercussions of that government’s actions.

Free-Talk-Live-thumbnail I agree wholeheartedly that the events of September 11, 2001 were a tragedy. I also, however, take on my fair share of responsibility. I could have done more to avoid such a disaster. And I’m trying to do more now.  If you’re asking yourself what you can do then congratulations!  You’ve already taken the first step.  The next step is even easier – start listening to Free Talk Live.  They’re a liberty oriented radio show/podcast with two hosts dedicated to living their lives as freely as possible.  Then, if you’re really serious about achieving liberty in our lifetime, move to New Hampshire where thousands of freedom lovers are gathering to use the strength of numbers to fight the next American revolution.  Don’t worry.  It’s going to be a peaceful one this time…

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  1. Agreement with large portions of this, but I think the moral calculus fails.

    I for one didn’t vote them in and didn’t support them at all (at least beyond what was stolen from me in tax). I also wasn’t part of the state apparatus, nor did I do work that supported it, at least not directly or one or two steps removed. That leaves “didn’t do nearly enough to keep them from wielding all of that power”, which is really a bit of a stretch.

    “[G]overnment of the people, by the people, for the people” makes great advertising copy for the empire, but it doesn’t translate into a delegation of moral agency from the slave class to the political class or its bureaucratic and military tools.

    Mike Gogulskis last blog post..Mocking the state, ye olde-fashioned way

  2. Totally agree. The US is the only country to have such a large military presence in so many other countries. And it is also the only country that has deployed large scale weapons of mass destruction in a war situation (Hiroshima/Nagasaki). It is surely time a lot more people realized this, especially inside the US. (We on the outside can’t do much to influence your government)

    I certainly don’t approve of terrorism and any deaths are always tragic, but in order to combat terrorism one of the major first steps is to understand why it is happening.

    Gino Eelens last blog post..Five o’clock – A One-minute Story

  3. @Mike Gogulski:
    I’m not going to argue with you, Mike. Morality is a personal decision, not a group one. I just got fed up reading all the “poor us, mean terrorists” posts that were popping up around that time.

  4. @Gino Eelen: Always nice to hear that I’m not alone in seeing the truth! Thanx for stopping by.

  5. I read you loud and clear on that score, sir. Anyway, keep it up 🙂

    Mike Gogulskis last blog post..A dream deferred

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  7. yo to long but very good

  8. hey ya am so sorry abote 911 am sad

  9. Your either an extremist in your politic’s or your religion.I totally disagree , If the USA and my country – the U.K , did’nt go into Afghanistan the Taliban would still be chopping hands and heads off , commiting torture and murdering .It was a country of gansters and terrorist’s.Could we allow this to go on and also let extremist’s use this great country to plan and execute bigger and bigger atrocities against the west and their own people. Now im a sceptic on the invasion into Iraq by our countries. I opposed it and still do but Afghanistan? Theres no oil or money to be made .We must stay,stick it out and pray we defeat the Taliban. If we do’nt it’ll be a disaster for the normal Afghan’s.Can you imagine the slaughter and risk of terror if we left B4 Afghan police + army were ready to control the country.I wrote my senior dissertation on the war in Afghanistan and battles in Helmand province but it’s not just a university project to me . I love the country and really hope you take some of my comment’s in.Thank’s for reading. B Blair.

  10. You forgot to put Berry Berenson’s name on it. She was actor Anthony Perkins ex and they had two children. She was on Flight 11.



  12. I may not agree with what you have to say but I will defend your right to say it to the death.

  13. As one who had known in detail about those attacks since 1997 in Asia, and who had told about 130 people about the coming calamities you saw in New York and Washington, DC, all the way to and through the night of September 10, 2001,I would say that people in general and Americans in particular need to readjust their attitudes, get off their high horses, can their annoying arrogance, and LISTEN to what they are being told. Uncovering the details of those attack plans and warning and explaining about them to people for four years from 1997 to 2001 was the most disgusting, annoying period of my life. You people are dolts. YOU WILL NOT LISTEN. Therefore, you got what you had coming. What part of detailed information about those attacks did people not understand? What? World Trade Center in New York? Pentagon in Washington, DC? US Capitol building? Commandeered aircraft with extra fuel? People from Saudi Arabia? Terrorists training for airplane attacks in Florida? I knew that and more and told many others. I explained it all in plain English. SO, what’s the problem? In this age of mass instant communication, what to hell was the problem? You tell me.

  14. Most of the citizens of the United States understand that our government self-inflicted 9/11 and killed our own citizens in an attempt to lay the groundwork for the take over of Afghanistan and Iraq. We have also murdered over 110,000 Iraqis in an illegal war. I am ashamed of what my country’s leaders have done.
    We caused the earthquakes in Japan and in Central America with HAARP. Our crazy military leader want to “rule the world” and force every other country to allow our kind of democracy. Our day is coming when our dominance over the world will come to an end. The citizens are gearing up to revolt against tyranny.
    An economic collapse in the world is coming in two years that will make the depression look like child’s play if we don’t stop wasting so much money on these useless military toys.
    Maybe we should try our military leaders for war crimes under the Geneva Conventions.

  15. Nonsense. 19 Muslims with boxcutters were not the perpetrators of 9/11. For proof that the official story of 9/11 is an IMPOSSIBILITY, check out Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

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  18. Most people are oblivious to the good or bad of the American system. Their living, doing their thing and inattentive. Its too hard to care and takes time from leisure pursuits, after working a work week. Money, the pursuit of vacations, holidays, weekends occupy most peoples time, Who wants to pay attention to mundane political details & the machinations of the jerkoff politicians.Focusing on hating the Repub or Dems in power is more fun. Hopefully a new generation of future politicians and government drones, will focus less on nation building and leave the aholes in power in countries elected by dump uneducated peoples who are hopeless to begin with

  19. No, the blame lay with people who chose to take over airplanes and fly them into buildings. America chose to throw nukes at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hitler chose to try and erase the Jews. Osama Bin Laden chose to send those goons and those goons chose to follow his orders and take over those planes to kill people.