Sep 072008
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StumbleUpon Addict All week long my Carnival Midway Games Revealed (Part Two) post has been receiving 50-100 hits a day coming from StumbleUpon.  Not bad at all considering it was written over a year ago!  So this, of course, has reinitiated my interest in StumbleUpon and I’ve decided it’s time to give it another shot.

So, when I posted about a major flaw in Google’s PageRank (IMO) I Stumbled the post thinking others might be interested in it as well.  Boy was I right! Traffic immediately started rolling in, and when I got about 100 requests for the post in under a minute suddenly my servers crashed.  The only reason I even noticed is that I happened to be watching my traffic in real-time through Clicky’s Spy feature. I went from 0-60 in under 60 seconds and back to zero in less than 5!

When I tried reloading my WordPress admin to ensure that WP-Cache was enabled to help with the load I got database connection errors.  A quick check showed that all of the blogs that I host on Top Hosting Center had crashed.   Their service has been going downhill over the last few months, but this was actually the first time I actually witnessed the servers crashing (and believe that I caused it).  So I rushed over to their site and pulled upa customer service chat window to inform them what had happened.  After about 10 minutes a representative finally showed up only to inform me that my site was loading fine for him.  Yeah, by that time everything had normalized, and my flood of SU traffic had been reduced to a trickle (probably because people couldn’t get through, so SU took me out of the rotation).

What really bothered me though was the rep saying that not only was everything fine, but they had not received any kind of alert from their server.  In other words, they didn’t believe there had ever been a problem.  Well, i witnessed the problem occur with my own eyes, so I know it occurred.  The fact that they didn’t receive an alert helps explain their slow response to other server problems of late.  I was a huge fan of Top Hosting Center and pushed several people into signing on with them.  But now, I’m thinking it might be time to start looking for someone else again.  ::sigh:: I hate shopping for a webhost and I still can’t justify the expense for a dedicated server.  Arrrrggghhh!!

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  5 Responses to “StumbleUpon Highlights Top Hosting Center’s Weakness”

  1. Hi, I found this post on StumbleUpon after doing some Google search about Top Hosting Center. I, too, is a customer of Top Hosting Center. I don’t know what you were saying, but I never had any problems with their hosting and support is good. Looking at the cost of their hosting, I still get the value more than what I paid for and that is something I can rejoice always. My posts get Stumbled too, and I get traffic a lot.

    John Raul Joven IIs last blog post..My Geek Room Is Now Occupied, But Still Incomplete

  2. @John Raul Joven II:

    Perhaps that’s because you’re on a dedicated server, not a shared server, John Raul. A simple check at shows you’re the only site hosted on the server at Meanwhile Philaahzophy, at, is sharing its server with 342 other sites.

    As for their support being good, this used to be true, but no longer is. I’ve posted previously about their denying problems even exist. The latest (which I’ll be posting about today or tomorrow) is taking 48 hours to try and solve a problem and their final “solution” being “The function is working for other people like blogs etc. We don’t why it doesn’t work for you.” doesn’t exactly count as decent support in my book.

  3. @John Raul Joven II: A customer, John? Don’t you mean an employee or owner? Why are you hiding your professional connection to THC?

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  6. i too am a customer of THC rudolf plan, but so far have not had any problems. im not convinced to upgrade to the speedy plan yet but maybe when i get more traffic. but hostingwise i am very happy. and support is very fast and helpful. at least for me? just sharing..

  7. I’m glad to hear you’re happy with them, but I suppose that’s the difference between someone who blogs daily and one who does so twice monthly. You are on the same server I used to be on, so there were frequent downtimes. You probably just didn’t notice them.

    Say “hi” to your friend (relative?) John Raul for me, though. It seems he decided to delete my comments from his About Me page. Not surprising, but much too late for him to save any face.

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